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To the Surprise of No One, Tucker Carlson’s Head Writer Is a Virulent Racist Misogynist Troll

I am shocked, SHOCKED I SAY.
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Dear reader, are you wearing a hat? Because if you are, get ready to hold the f-ck onto it! CNN reported that Blake Neff, the head writer for Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, is in fact a vicious internet troll who regularly posts content that is racist, misogynist, and homophobic under a pseudonym. Surprised?!

Of course you aren’t. Because Tucker Carlson aka Cucker Tarlson aka Money Clip That Wished He Was a Real Boy has a long and storied history of being a racist, misogynist troll himself. Why just this past week, he insulted decorated war veteran Senator Tammy Duckworth. And he has gone on unhinged rants where he has attacked everyone from the celebrities donating to BLM bail funds to Reps. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to Elmo.

But when he’s not busy picking fights with Sesame Street characters, Carlson is parroting the odious, false narrative that Fox News is built on. And much of the virulent nonsense he’s spewed has come straight from the brain of Blake Neff. We won’t repeat any of the gross things Neff has said because, frankly, it sickens us. Under the username CharlesXII, Neff was a frequent poster on AutoAdmit, also known as XOXOhth, a far-right legal forum similar to 4chan.

Neff spent four years working for Fox News, and previously worked at conservative site The Daily Caller, which Carlson co-founded. In an interview with the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Neff said of his work, “Anything [Carlson is] reading off the teleprompter, the first draft was written by me.”

In addition to racist, sexist, and homophobic posts, Neff publicly attacked a woman over her dating life, encouraging other users in an online forum to harass and threaten her. Neff quietly resigned after the story broke, and Carlson will address the scandal on his show Monday night, according to an internal memo from Fox News.

In the memo, Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace wrote that the company “strongly condemns this horrific, racist, misogynistic and homophobic behavior … make no mistake, actions such as his cannot and will not be tolerated at any time in any part of our workforce.”

Since Neff was exposed, many people took to Twitter to roast him, especially his appearance in Washington Post’s Date Lab column:

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