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Things We Saw Today: Donald Trump Forgot That He’s the President of the US Virgin Islands

If he even ever knew.

While addressing a crowd of folks who like to call themselves “Values Voters” but mostly just hate on LGBTQIA people, Trump mentioned that he’d met with the President of the US Virgin Islands. The President of the US Virgin Islands is Donald Trump.

While it’s more than likely that Trump has conversations with himself all day (I imagine they go like this: “You’re doing a tremendous job, tremendous. No one could do as enormous of a job as you’re doing. The job is almost as enormous as your hands. Is it time for golf”), the scariest thing here is that it’s actually possible Trump had no idea that he’s the President of these US territories, or that the people who live in the Virgin Islands are American citizens. And he actually met with the governor of the Islands in early October, per his own statement. I wish the Values Voters, who were advertising today for a book called “Health Hazards of Homosexuality,” would take Trump and go to a remote island so that the rest of us can live in peace. (via GQ)

  • A recommendation from our new assistant editor, Princess Weekes, who says that this channel does great work:

  • It appears that Zack Snyder will have the sole directing credit on Justice League, with Joss Whedon getting a writing credit for rewrites and stepping in for Snyder on extensive reshoots. (via
  • Quentin Tarantino says that he’s “stunned and heartbroken” by all of the news surrounding Harvey Weinstein, serial sexual predator and Tarantino’s friend of 25 years. Hmm. (via NY Daily News)
  • Riverdale star Lili Reinhart took to her Tumblr to share her own story of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, and how she kept quiet because she didn’t want to be branded “overly dramatic” or a “diva,” which shows you how victims are treated therein. (THR)
  • Meanwhile, a study says that men are more satisfied by their “bromances” than their romances. (via Time)
  • “Who Owns Marsha P. Johnson’s Story?” (via Jezebel)

Hooray, it’s Friday! What’ve you got planned, and what did you see today?

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