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Teens React to a 90s Internet Instructional Video, Make Fun of 90s Kids Before Saying Dumb Stuff Themselves

Surf's up, kids! Let's check out this series of tubes!

If you’re old enough to the remember the early days of the World Wide Web, early Internet-speak in old videos is full of nostalgia. If you’re under 20, it’s apparently complete gibberish that needs ridiculing. That’s what we learned in the latest Fine Brothers video, Teens React to 90s Internet.

The Fine Brothers have found a pretty great formula with [age group] reacts to [thing that age group is unfamiliar with] = Comedy.

This video is almost ten minutes long, but worth it. First, a group of teens has predictable but hilarious reactions to outdated 90s computer words, which is fun to watch. Then, the Fine Brothers turn things around and ask the teens some basic questions about the Internet, presumably so that twenty years from now they can make Teens React to 2014 Teens Reaction to 90s Internet. Which we’re really looking forward to.

(via The Fine Brothers)

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