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YouTube Creators Try to Copyright “React,” Internet Reacts as the Internet Does to Copyrights

The Fine Brothers, the minds behind the "Reacts" series of YouTube videos, just tried to file a copyright on the word "react" as it pertains to videos of people reacting to, uh, things. The response to their move has been mostly negative, as one would expect from anybody trying to copyright such a broad definition of a word.

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Kids Are Nice, Adele Is Nice, Here’s a Nice Video

Why did Adele cross the road? To say hello from the other side!

This edition of the Fine Brothers' Kids React! series features some extremely thoughtful and sincere kids checking out Adele's music videos. (They're all fans, with the possible exception of one boy who prefers 1930's jazz. You do you, man.)

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Ponder Your Mortality With a Video of Teens Reacting to ’90s Cartoons

"I don't know, i was only in the '90s for two years." akoopr]dfiojnxcueds

'90s cartoons are about to make a big resurgence on both the big and small screen, but today's #teens couldn't know less about some of my most beloved series.

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Elders Have No Idea Why Batman and Superman Have to Fight in Batman v Superman

"Is this a bad Batman?" -You mean like Batman and Robin was a bad Batman? Yeah, that's our concern, too.

"Oh, this is a Batman film." Basically, yeah. I think we've answered why Superman wants to fight him, at least. Sequel theft is a serious crime, kids.

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Today’s Teens Try to Play Contra for NES. They Do Not Succeed.

Or: Teens Play Contra. Kind Of.

It's not that there aren't hard games anymore, but there's something fun about watching people who missed out on the NES era try to play classic games—ones that some of us mastered as children—and fail miserably.

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Super Meat Boy‘s Blistering Difficulty Confuses and Demoralizes These Children

But did they have to play it uphill in the snow?

As much as older gamers like myself like to talk about how games used to be hard, there are still a few rock-solid gems of absolute infuriating difficulty out there today to make sure modern kids get their important dose of controller-throwing rage. Watch Super Meat Boy and the React Channel do the important work of our time by making sure kids learn to deal with rage issues through video games.

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Even Today’s Tech-Savvy Kids Can’t Work the Nintendo Power Glove, but They Can Sure Flail Try

At least today's motion controls work better than this. Most of the time, anyway.

The power glove is so bad. Incredibly bad. So unbelievably bad that even kids of today with motion control experience just wind up flailing around—the motion control equivalent of button mashing.

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Watch Today’s Youth Understand Our Pain as They Get Mercilessly Wrecked by NES Mega Man

No one even taught them the pause trick? Harsh.

Depending on your age, you may remember a time when video games were hard. I'm talking controller throwing, unapologetically emotionally damaging, brutally hard. To heal those wounds in a totally healthy, schadenfreude-driven way, watch kids of today play the original Mega Man and get equipped with nothing but lasting psychological torment.

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Watch The Elderly Get Into Flame Wars While Playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

"I think I should have played CoD: Basic Warfare."

You've got to hand it to the people that the React Youtube channel gets for their videos: you could not pay me to play a first person shooter for the first time while online with a bunch of strangers, but these brave men and women are more than up to the challenge despite having no idea how to work the controls. My favorite part is when a guy tells the woman with two master degrees that she's an idiot. Ahh, gaming, what a wonderful past time!

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The Fine Bros’ Latest “React” Video Introduces Teens to Malala Yousafzai

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

This uncharacteristically serious Youtube video from The Fine Bros. shows teens reacting to watching a speech by Nobel Peace Prize winner and education advocate Malala Yousafzai for the first time.

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Teenagers Are Confused by the N64 Smash Bros., Would’ve Been Eaten Alive in 1999

Don't get hit.

18 years later, I am reliving the joy of watching everyone pick up the N64 controller wrong the first time.

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Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams and Other Teens React to the Original NES

"Just bang on it." Close, but we were looking for: "Blow on it."

Yes, there are now people who are nearly full-grown adults who have never blown into an NES cartridge to make it work. Who is raising these children without NES in their lives? It's downright disgraceful. While I call DYFS about that, watch these teenagers try to figure out how an NES works. (Hit the jump for a bonus video of the teens playing some more NES games.)

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Maisie Williams Reacts to Seeing Saved by the Bell For the First Time

Arya for Team Zack!

In the latest Teens React vid from The Fine Brothers, Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams and some other, non-famous teens (but don't worry, we still like your shirt, peacock dude) react to that bastion of '90s civilization: Saved by the Bell. They're so excited! They're so excited! They're so scared!

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Teens React to Goat Simulator to Kick off New React YouTube Channel

You've got to be kidding me! (Sorry. Had to.)

The Fine Brothers' "React" videos are pretty generally adorable across whichever age group they choose, so they've started an entire YouTube React channel as a way to bring us even more hilarious reactions—five per week in addition to the ones on their regular channel. Their first episode on the series' new home has teens react to the incomprehensible Goat Simulator, and some of them don't understand the draw of a game about being a goat.

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Kids React to Old School Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Make Us Question Our Youth

Thanks. Now I'll have that theme song stuck in my head for another 20 years.

I think we all know that not everything from childhood holds up as well as we remember it. Going back and watching something you loved as a kid doesn't always go so well, but what about when you have a group of kids watch that thing for you? That's what the Fine Brothers did with their Kids React kids. Watch. Feel old.

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Kids Look Into Our Green-Tinted Past as They Try to Understand the Game Boy

"It's an iPhone case." Ow, my childhood.

The Game Boy is 25 this year (on July 31 in North America), and The Fine Bros. have some children to remind you that 25 years might as well be 5 million. They've got a better handle on the Game Boy than they've had on a lot of other outdated technology, which is probably because its newer iterations have survived even the advent of smartphone gaming. The Game Boy will outlive us all, and future alien archeologists will wonder what kind of civilization could create such an invincible device.

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Kids Reacting to Luigi’s Death Stare Bring All the Adorable Impressions You’d Expect

Fact: mustaches make you look 100% more sinister.

Remember a few weeks ago when you couldn't stop laughing at the endless videos of Luigi hilariously eyeballing his Mario Kart 8 competition set to music that suddenly feels relevant again? That's great and all, but what do all of the innocent children in the game's target audience think of Luigi's new signature move?

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Teens React to a 90s Internet Instructional Video, Make Fun of 90s Kids Before Saying Dumb Stuff Themselves

Surf's up, kids! Let's check out this series of tubes!

If you're old enough to the remember the early days of the World Wide Web early Internet-speak in old videos full of nostalgia. If you're under 20, it's apparently complete gibberish that needs ridiculing. That's what we learned in the latest Fine Brothers video, Teens React to 90s Internet.

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Kids React To Old Apple Computers and Are Sufficiently Confused By Them

"Which one is any key???"

Man, you kids have it so easy with your intuitive controls and visual context clues and... cursors. Back in my day we didn't have any of that stuff! We had to walk backwards three miles in the snow just to get to our processors! Okay, that's a lie. But as these kids can attest, navigating old DOS-capable computers is difficult work.

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See Kids React to Clash of Clans and Explain It to the Rest of Us

Parents, bond with your kids while sacking empires.

Parents, I'd be wary about trusting your kids with your cellphone devices and these in-app purchases. Some of these young whippersnappers are very aware and very excited about Clash of Clans. Some are even playing with their parents and are much better at explaining the mechanics of the game than most adults.

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