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A New Meme Is Reigning Supreme on Twitter

A meme is a meme is a meme and we thank the gods.

Good memes come to those who wait and this one is definitely a fun happenstance. The internet found someone complaining about the fact that we are always using our cellphones and showed a picture of people enjoying their time without technology and...okay? Great? We can also connect while being on our phones. In fact, we're more connected with one another now than ever before.

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While We’ve Been Sitting Here All Worried About Sharknados, The Sharks are Taking Down the Global Internet

We're gonna need a bigger global internet system.

Google is taking steps to protect their underwater cables by developing a kevlar-like material to protect against shark bites.

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Senate Democrats Will Force A Vote to Protect Net Neutrality, So It’s Time to Call Your Reps

Senate Democrats now have the 30 cosponsors they need to force a Senate floor vote on a bill to preserve net neutrality.

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Barack Obama Talks With Prince Harry About the Perils of Social Media, and What Was Going Through His Mind in January 2017

In an interview for BBC Radio 4, Prince Harry, who was guest-hosting for the day, sat down with President Barack Obama for an in-depth interview about his post-Presidential life, his hopes for the future, the perils of social media, and just what was going through his mind as he witnessed Trump's inauguration on January 20th, 2017.

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Things We Saw Today: Lin-Manuel Miranda Gathers Jennifer Lopez, Rita Moreno, Gina Rodriguez and Others In a Song for Puerto Rico

Today's biggest news has basically been hot garbage. Thankfully (and pretty much as usual), Lin-Manuel Miranda is here to provide us with a little bit of hope through music.

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A Reminder that Donald Trump Is Spectacularly Bad at the Internet

Trump's bizarre photoshopped Twitter banner, plus his inability to delete pages from his website, have the internet's ridicule game going strong.

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FCC Wants Your Comments on Their Plan to Kill Net Neutrality. You Know What to Do.

We all remember how this played out last time, yeah?

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No, You Probably Can’t Buy and Publish Congress Members’ Browsing Histories, but People Are Trying

Congress struck a blow to Internet privacy a few days ago, and people are understandably angry, but it was largely a symbolic blow. The last-minute Internet service provider data privacy rules put in place by President Obama's administration were struck down, but they'd never gone into effect in the first place, meaning nothing is actually changing other than us knowing where our lawmakers stand on our privacy versus the interests of corporations. Thanks, Obama.

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Only Donald Trump Can Save Internet Privacy Now, but He Won’t, so Let’s Prepare Ourselves

After the Senate voted recently to strike down President Obama-era FCC privacy rules for Internet service providers, the House of Representatives has now done the same, meaning Donald Trump will soon sign their bill, and your ISP will be able to do whatever it pleases with your data. I'm sure his armies of Internet trolls are thrilled.

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Amazon Server Problems Causing Outages of Sites and Services Across the Internet

0/10 would not Internet again.

The Internet isn't going so well today, folks—no, worse than normal.

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Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca Speaks Out About the Overwhelming Online Harassment She’s Experienced

"Telling women writers to 'just not do that' is like suggesting a New York cab driver relocate to a state where everyone has cars and no one needs cabs."

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Homestar Runner Celebrates 20th Anniversary With a New Cartoon Featuring a Forgotten Part of Their Origin

Literally forgotten.

For those Homestar/Strong Bad fans out there less invested in Homestar history and more in Trogdor the Burninator, a quick lesson: Homestar and friends were created in a 1996 children's book by college students Mike Chapman and Craig Zobel. Now, for your enjoyment, the characters that evolved out of that story into an early Internet sensation unearth the plans for a second book.

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Logging Offline Helped Me Conquer a Major Depressive Episode

I saw the world that despite my efforts, I couldn’t be a part of—which just reinforced the thinking that perpetuated my depression.

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A DDoS Attack Is Ruining the Internet for Parts of the U.S. and Europe

Don't panic.

Having trouble using Twitter or watching Netflix? You're not alone. Large portions of Internet users in the U.S. and in Europe are struggling to access several popular websites and services due to a massive DDoS attack.

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Facebook’s Internet-Providing Drone Just Took its First Test Flight

Facebook's quest to offer more accessible internet services to the rest of the world continues onward and upward, into the literal sky, with the maiden voyage of their new drone, Aquila.

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Protestant Churches in Germany to Offer Free Wi-Fi — Come For the Internet, Stay For the Spiritual Guidance

There's a surprising lack of free wi-fi in Germany, especially considering how developed the country is. That's because of a German law that makes network providers responsible for any illegal activity. Sure, this protects intellectual property and cuts down on piracy...but it also makes lots of places afraid to have free wi-fi. You know who's not afraid to have free wi-fi? Protestant churches. And hey, if you decide you wanna stick around for a mass or something, that's totally cool.

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Call Your ISP: UN Declares Internet Service Interruptions Are Human Rights Violations

OK, it's a bit more complicated than that.

The UN Human Rights Council has declared that the Internet is protected free expression under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Specifically, their non-binding resolution took issue with some countries' "measures to intentionally prevent or disrupt access to our dissemination of information online." So, next time you have a problem with your Internet service, call up your ISP and warn them that the UN won't stand for that crap.

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Interview: Smart Girl Meredith Walker

The cofounder and Executive Director of Smart Girls speaks to TMS!

While famous funny lady Amy Poehler became the public face of Smart Girls (and contributed plenty of hilarious and warmhearted material), Walker has been just as active as their executive director, and has become a highly respected spokesperson for the site and its mission. At SXSW this year, Walker was onsite not only to discuss the site (which just recently joined Legendary Digital Network), but to spread the word about combating online bullying—and speak exclusively with TMS.

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This Analysis of 70 Million Comments Proves White Male Journalists Have It Pretty Good, Comparatively

Internet comments are bad for everyone, right? Sure, but marginalized writers tend to accrue a higher volume of abuse in the comment sections of their articles. Here's the data on that.

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FCC to Subsidize Internet Access for Low-Income Citizens, Begin Writing Rules to Protect Customer Data

Because there shouldn't be an income barrier to watching mukbang videos.

Here's a statistic that is surprising for a "first-world" nation - 10% of citizens in the United States (that's 34 million people) don't have access to high-speed Internet. It's an even worse problem among rural citizens, 39% of whom don't have that access. In a vote earlier today, the FCC decided to subsidize Internet access for low-income people in an attempt to close the digital gap in the U.S.

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