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6-Year-Old From “Ryan ToysReview” Made 11 Million Dollars This Year

Cries softly into my debt and ramen

Six-year-old Ryan, who is the host of a popular YouTube channel called "Ryan ToysReview," apparently made $11 million this past year, according to The Washington Post.

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How Has Comic Book Storytelling Changed Cinematic Storytelling? And Where Can It Go From Here?

YouTuber Patrick (H) Willems recently took a look at "shared universe" comic book movies and TV, such as the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) and the CW's Arrowverse, to analyze how their comic book storytelling roots have influenced their cinematic storytelling.

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This Video Essay Looks at How Nostalgia Functions in Stranger Things and It

YouTuber Lindsay Ellis has posted a new video essay that examines the function of '80s nostalgia in recent hits like Stranger Things and It.

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Fan Trailer That Mashes up Star Trek and Star Wars Is a Thing of Beauty

Space, the final frontier ... in a galaxy far, far away.

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Review: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Digital Series Perfect for Die-Hard Fans

Fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic have gotten to follow their favorite ponies into a parallel universe where they experience the world as anthropomorphized high school students. Through four films, three TV specials, music albums, animated shorts, and even a mobile app and a line of dolls, the MLP: Equestria Girls franchise shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, a new digital series is launching TODAY!

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Elizabeth Banks, WhoHaHa, and YouTube Create “Women In Comedy” Program to Give Funny Women a Bigger Platform

Are you hilarious? Are you female or non-binary? If so, then Elizabeth Banks and WhoHaHa are looking for you!

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Come Learn How the Time-Turner Robbed Harry and Hermione of Free Will

YouTuber MinutePhysics (Henry Reich) has posted an analysis of how time travel works in fiction, from movies like Back to the Future and Planet of the Apes to books like Ender's Game and Harry Potter.

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PewDiePie Is So Very Sorry That He Got Caught Yelling a Racist Epithet

The backlash—and legal actions—in response to YouTube star PewDiePie's use of racist language has prompted him to issue an apology, because he likes money and fame and would like to keep both.

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Firewatch Creator Takes a Stand Against Casual Racism After PewDiePie Streamed a Racial Slur

Because you can't stay neutral in the face of racism.

There's a big difference between supporting streamers and holding a man with an audience of millions accountable for propagating and normalizing bigoted language.

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Points Out the Pervasive Sexism That Google Memo Wrote Off

The story of a memo circulating within Google continues to unfold, with the author now filing a complaint for being fired and giving an interview to an anti-feminist, right-wing YouTuber who's said some eyebrow-raising things at a men's rights conference about how women are to blame for men's violence. You know, in case you were tempted to believe the articles going around about how the memo wasn't thinly-veiled sexism in itself.

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Aspiring YouTubers’ Stunt Ends in Tragedy and a Charge of Second-Degree Manslaughter

The story of what happened to Pedro Ruiz III and Monalisa Perez is difficult to read. The young couple, who lived in Minnesota with their 3-year-old daughter, sought Internet fame at seemingly any cost. Ruiz paid with his life—and Perez is charged with second-degree manslaughter, after she was convinced to shoot her boyfriend point-blank in the pursuit of "more viewers."

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Franchesca Ramsey Reminds The Internet That “You Don’t Always Need An Audience” For Your Arguments

In her VidCon keynote, Decoded host Franchesca Ramsey argued against making your activism into too much of a performance, because "when it comes to issues that matter in making a real, measurable difference, you don't always need an audience."

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So That’s Where All the Horrible YouTube Comments Come From

Researchers looked into the effect of 4chan's "Politically Incorrect" /pol/ board on YouTube and the wider web. It's not good.

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Popular YouTubers Have Children Taken Away After Abusive Videos

Mike and Heather Martin temporarily lost custody of two of their five children for the cruel "pranks" they played in a series of now-deleted YouTube videos that earned the couple a lot of money. The loss of custody should be permanent.

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Things We Saw Today: These Awesome Cardboard Houses Will Bring Out Your Cat’s Inner Nerd

What's better than an adorable kitty with long whiskers? An adorable kitty with long whiskers resting in a nerdy cardboard house of course!

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College Humor’s “Just Let the World Die” Captures Exactly How I Feel After Reading the News

College Humor's latest video, "Just Let the World Die," imagines what might happen if top scientists and military personnel discovered that an Armageddon-style asteroid was headed for Earth in the Trump era.

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YouTube Has Updated Restricted Mode to (Hopefully) Allow All-Ages LGBTQIA Content

YouTube says they've identified and fixed the problem with Restricted Mode, which was criticized back in March for blocking all-ages LGBTQIA videos as if they were "mature content."

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Passengers, Rearranged” Is Everything Passengers Should Have Been

There was a great movie buried in there all along!

The lazy storytelling, the random shoehorned-in third act conflict, the disturbing affinity we're supposed to feel for Jim–'Passengers, Rearranged' fixes all of it.

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Now YouTube Will Have to Treat Racists the Same Way It Treats Mental Health Advocates and LGBTQIA Creators…Yay?

On Friday, PepsiCo, Wal-Mart Stores and Starbucks all announced that they would suspend their YouTube advertising until the company addressed their concerns about ads appearing alongside homophobic and racist videos.

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YouTube’s “Restricted Mode” Censored Content From LGBTQIA Creators

YouTube has come under fire as its "Restricted Mode" viewing seems to be censoring content from LGBTQIA YouTube creators.

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