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Kids React to Walkmans and They Pity Our iPhone-less Childhoods

We should probably just start using walkmans for teething babies.

Walkmans are pretty much ancient to the newer generations and the reaction to them provided by TheFineBros is absolutely priceless. Luckily, a few of these kids were able to figure out that this antique handed to them was a portable cassette player (or guessed something close to it) and with a little bit of help, they were able to make it function. Honestly, cassette players are not that hard to operate, but these kids obviously prefer their iPhones over antiques any day.

The look of confusion by these baffled kids ensues as expected. Ironically, this is probably the same reaction ancient civilization would have if we were able to send these things back in time. Although they discover that walkmans are pretty simplistic and much cheaper than iPads, the work is tedious (they’re just being lazy) and they are horrified by the lack of a skip button.

Just wait until someone tells them how to use a pencil to rewind.

(via TheFineBros)

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