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How Women Are Driving the Dungeons & Dragons Renaissance

More than 40 years into its existence, 2017 was Dungeons & Dragons’ biggest year ever, and not by a small margin. 12-15 million people played D&D in North America in 2017. The company behind the game, Wizards of the Coast, saw a growth in sales that was about 40% over their numbers the year before. And while it’s still early, all signs point to 2018 being even bigger.

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Help Tell a Story That Needs to Be Told: Missing Explores the Cruel Realities of Human Trafficking in an RPG

MISSING: The Complete Saga aims to tell the story of a young girl faced with the cruel realities of human trafficking by way of an RPG.

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Everything You Knew About Catching Pokémon Was Wrong

Do you want to catch a Pokémon? Great! The first thing you want to do is knock it down as low as possible in HP, right? Then, you probably want to throw an Ultra Ball for your best chance—except, in the original Pokémon games, that's not really how things worked, and things you thought you knew were just as much a placebo effect as holding down a specific button ... which means you're probably going to keep right on doing it.

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We Need to Talk About the Brilliance of Telltale Games’ Catwoman

From the beginning of the game, it was made clear that Catwoman/Selina’s arc was all about power. But the power she wields isn’t her sexuality or knowing Bruce’s secret, or even her clear-cut ability to kick ass. Instead, it's her agency.

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Things We Saw Today: The Rock and Lin-Manuel Miranda Take Us Behind the Scenes of Millennials: The Musical

Millennials: The Musical comes out on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Youtube channel 11/29, but here's a look behind the scenes.

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Steam-y Censorship: How Christine Love’s Ladykiller in a Bind Exposes Valve’s Erotica Problem

Barring Ladykiller in a Bind from Steam begs the question for Valve: When is explicit material acceptable for a work of art, and when is it too explicit? When is adult content too adult?

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Interview: Rhianna Pratchett Talks Tomb Raider and How to Make Video Games Better

A lot has been made of the modern Lara Croft, and her evolution from her origins as a pioneer for female protagonists in games. And it’s the writers behind the new games who have shaped this reimagined Lara, particularly Rhianna Pratchett, the lead writer for the 2013 Tomb Raider and its sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider. We reached out to Pratchett to ask her about her work on the Tomb Raider franchise and her writing process as a whole.

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Die, Anxiety, Die! How Violent Video Games Aid My Mental Health

Ah, the soothing joy of a well-executed headshot.

Just because you’re on medication doesn’t mean the anxiety is 1000% gone. There is still residual anxiety that hangs out and likes to rear its ugly head. That’s where I discovered the joys and pleasures of the violent video game.

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Super Smash Bros. Pro Accused of Sexual Assault Released From Team, Banned From Competition

"VikkiKitty," a Super Smash Bros. pro player has accused fellow player Cristian Medina, aka "Hyuga," of sexual harassment, alleging that he molested her in her hotel room.

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Stereotype Threat & Gaming’s Gender Gap: Research Shows Women Players Are Equally Skilled

A recent University of California study tracked player performance and skill in online multiplayer games along gender lines, attempting to figure out whether men or women are better at games. Turns out there's not much difference.

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Game Designer’s Solution to Lack of Black Game Developer Barbie Highlights Common Problem With Tech Feminism

One game designer found that there was something missing with the brand new Game Developer Barbie doll that was just recently released: color.

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Barbie Is a Game Developer Now

We've come a long way from "Math class is tough."

It's been two years since Mattel's well-intentioned but abysmally-executed Barbie book I Can Be a Computer Engineer, and in that time, a lot has changed.

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[VIDEO] Interview: Courtenay Taylor Talks Her Favorite Roles and Following Her Passions

Courtenay Taylor is one versatile actress. She's lent her voice acting talents to Halo 5, Fallout 4, Mad Max, Resident Evil, and, of course, Jack from Mass Effect 3—but voice acting wasn't her original plan. In this interview with The Mary Sue contributor Ashley Barry, Taylor explains how harsh criticism of her voice during a theater audition eventually lead to her discovering voice acting, a career she hadn't even known existed beforehand.

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Gen Con’s “Industry Insiders” Guest List Has Finally Reached Gender Parity

Gen Con 2016 has just announced their list of invited "Industry Insiders," which refers to a group of 25 Featured Presenters as well as the Industry Insider Guest of Honor, who is Michael Pondsmith. For the first time this year, the Indianapolis-based RPG convention has achieved gender parity in the "Industry Insider" guest list, which this year includes 13 women and 12 men. If you include the Industry Insider Guest of Honor as well, that would bring the parity up to 50/50.

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The “Uncensored” World of Street Fighter Mods: The Good, The Bad, The Naked

The "Uncensored" World of Street Fighter Mods

There are a lot of great reasons to install fan-made modifications to the character models in Street Fighter. But the mod community doesn't take kindly to "outsiders."

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Amilia St. John Has Some Words for Her Father’s Sexist “Toddler Meltdown” About Gaming and Tech

To catch you up, Alex St. John, one of the original pioneers of Microsoft's DirectX platform and founder of WildTanget Software, wrote an opinion piece over on VentureBeat a few days back basically saying that anyone who expects a 40-hour work week in gaming (or even compensation for overtime) just has the wrong attitude—oh, and he made sure to point out women's "victimology psychosis" on his website as people became understandably upset over his opinions.

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Forget Real Yoga, Play Jenny Jiao Hsia’s Wobble Yoga

Jenny Jiao Hsia’s QWOP-esque game Wobble Yoga is a perfect representation of me trying to do yoga in real life.

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Overwatch‘s Tracer Receives New Victory Pose, Seemingly Inspired by Pin-Up Art

Blizzard just recently released a new patch for Overwatch replacing Tracer's much criticized over-the-shoulder victory pose with one that's a little more pin-up in style.

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Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Expansion Earns Ire of Gamers Angry at “SJW Issues” and Trans Inclusion

Their complaint is that the inclusion of a trans character breaks immersion somehow, that her existence and a coming out conversation are enough to ruin the rest of the game for them.

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The Mary Sue Interview: The Ladies of Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role Explain How D&D Changed Their Lives

Every Thursday at 7 pm PST, a group of, in their own words, "nerdy-ass" voice-actors get together to play their Dungeons & Dragons campaign live as part of Geek & Sundry's hit series, Critical Role.

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