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Six-Year-Old Girl Tries to Identify All the Fighters in the New Smash Bros., Succeeds at Being Adorable

I want these included as alternate announcer sound effects.

(Click to enlarge.)

A Tumblr user named Lorenzo did what all good older siblings do and tried to help his little sister learn about video game characters. The result? She didn’t exactly come away with encyclopedic knowledge of gaming’s biggest mascots, but her answers on the names of the new Smash Bros. fighters are pretty accurate in their own way.

I mean, who doesn’t always use Captain Falcon’s pink recolor and refer to him as the Pink Ranger? And hey, several characters in this game can be male or female (with the exact same animations, I might add), so can we get Princess Angel for real, Nintendo? At the very least, it’d make this little girl happy.

Her answer for Pac-Man steals the show, though. If you want to hear her talk about her answers and finally learn the real names—you do—here’s the audio of their conversation about her guesses.

(via The Soupy Investigation)

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