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UVA Alumnus Sasheer Zamata Reflects on Charlottesville: “The Confederacy Didn’t Win and Neither Will They”

In an Instagram slide show, Zamata writes both fondly and candidly about her years at UVA.

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Things We Saw Today: Westworld‘s Evan Rachel Wood the Latest Celeb to Support #Ham4All

In addition to raising money for a great cause, one of the best things about the #Ham4All challenge is listening to a variety of voices sing music from Hamilton. This time, it's Westworld's Evan Rachel Wood doing her best Angelica Schuyler while singing a bit from "Satisfied."

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Issa Rae as Lovably Adorkable as Ever in First Season 2 Trailer For HBO’s Insecure

One of our favorite breakout shows of last year is back with an all-new season! Check out the first Season 2 trailer for HBO's hit series, Insecure.

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Elizabeth Warren Becomes Everyone’s Mom as She Teaches Samantha Bee How to Persist

Also, she loves the show Ballers?

I would love for Elizabeth Warren to run for President (and if she did, I'd be a very happy camper), but honestly? I think she's capable of doing a lot more good as a senator. As it is, she's said repeatedly that she has no intention of running for President (though she is running for Senator of Massachusetts), but that doesn't mean she can't continue doing important work to move our country forward ... like being a life coach for Samantha Bee.

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Jessica Williams Dances Through The Incredible Jessica James Trailer

We've been missing national hero Jessica Williams since she left The Daily Show, so it's very exciting to see her in the upcoming Netflix original movie The Incredible Jessica James.

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All the Reasons to Get Excited for Take My Wife Season 2

Five stars.

Seeso’s Take My Wife is my new favorite TV show. Because I’m a grad student, and it’s summer, and I can’t stop binge-watching everything, this is saying a lot. But Take My Wife is the reigning queen of television for me right now – I just inhaled all of season 1, and I CANNOT WAIT for Season 2, which just finished shooting.

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Judy Greer and Stephen Colbert Revisit Their Un-Aired 2002 Pilot

The two played siblings on the show and while Greer's never seen the final product Colbert got the VHS out of the vault and gave us a look at what might've been.

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Issa Rae, America Ferrara, and Other Women in Comedy Talk Pay Gap, Representation, and “Being Likable”

The Hollywood Reporter did a Comedy Roundtable featuring some of the most talented women on TV right now, and so Issa Rae, America Ferrara, Pamela Adlon, Minnie Driver, Kathryn Hahn, and Emmy Rossum discussed things like the pay gap, representation, and roles that are "likable."

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SNL’s Season Is Over, But Kate McKinnon Still Has Plenty of Jeff Sessions Material She Needs to Get Out of Her System

"Recuse me."

Saturday Night Live is off for the summer, which is upsetting for Kate McKinnon, who's forced to keep her delightfully creepy impressions of political figures bottled up inside, with no outlet. What's she to do when Kellyanne Conway is caught making fun of White House staff or Jeff Sessions spends hours chuckling and very slowly rambling about all the things he doesn't remember doing? Luckily, Seth Meyers is happy to help her out.

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For Your Consideration: Rachel Bloom Cares About Notting Hill, Not Award Shows

It's Emmy season and Rachel Bloom doesn't care so much, she should get an award for not charing.

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Late Night with Seth Meyers Team Gets the Giggles in Perfect Wonder Woman Skit

Ally Hord discusses all the implications of the film for female actors, directors, and movie-goers. "Let's not pat ourselves on the back....women only account for 32% of speaking roles in movies," she says, "a real triumph would be bringing that ratio to half and half."

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Sean Spicer Might Be Gone, But Melissa McCarthy’s SNL Outtakes Are Forever

Saturday Night Live released a behind-the-scenes video of Melissa McCarthy's Travelling Sean Spicer, just in time for the actual press secretary's possible departure.

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Melissa McCarthy Went High This Weekend so SNL Could Go Deliciously Low

The viciousness of McCarthy's Spicer sketch was balanced by the genuine niceness of her opening monologue, which is a big reason why both worked so well.

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Interview: Dr. Ken‘s Suzy Nakamura Talks Performing Comedy While Asian and Female

Ken Jeong's (Community, The Hangover) ABC sitcom, the semi-autobiographical Dr. Ken, is currently in its second season, with viewers loving the humor and the Asian representation (we can't put it all on Fresh Off the Boat, you guys). Jeong's co-star, Suzy Nakamura, plays his wife Allison, a doctor in her own right. I had the chance to chat with the seasoned comedic powerhouse about her role, as well as the perks and pitfalls of being an Asian woman in comedy.

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge Will Play a “Significantly Featured” Female Droid in the Han Solo Movie

At long last, the lady droids of Star Wars are about to have their day in the upcoming Han Solo feature film. Phoebe Waller-Bridge has been tapped to play a "significantly featured" female droid in the movie.

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Interview: Jena Friedman on the Power of Political Comedy and Trying to Find Humor in This Mess

The last time we spoke to Jena Friedman it was October 21st--leaves were turning yellow, optimism was in the air, and we were all still capable of feeling joy.

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Kristen Stewart Takes Down Trump, Awesomely Declares She’s ‘So Gay, Dude’ On Saturday Night Live

Kristen Stewart's SNL episode was one of the best of the season, and full of kickass LGBTQ pride.

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Interview: Vanessa Hudgens and Christina Kirk Talk Powerless‘ Comedic Take On Superheroes

The set of Powerless is alive with the sound of Vanessa Hudgens gorgeous singing voice floating through the air between takes. At least, that was the case when I had the pleasure of visiting the set of NBC's upcoming comedy, Powerless, on the Warner Bros. studio lot. The cast and crew are currently hard at work delivering a hilarious season. Thankfully, the cast and creative team found time to talk with us and give us some insight into the new show.

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Netflix’s One Day at a Time Reboot Does Exactly What a Reboot Should Do — Offer a New Perspective

Who would've thought that the attitudes of an entire region about a complex and polarizing figure could be effectively examined in a Netflix comedy?

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Paul Feig Shares What He’s Learned About Women Through Ghostbusters Experience, Which Includes Nothing About Race

But Harambe photos, tho!

As director of the "controversial" (controversial if you have trouble believing women can do things) Ghostbusters reboot, Paul Feig has had a very interesting and not entirely pleasant 2016. In a recent short essay, Feig shares what he's learned about "being a woman." Notably missing are any insights he may have gained about the specific challenges of being a black woman, a la Leslie Jones.

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