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Evan Rachel Wood Addresses Double Standard Responses Towards Dolores and The Man in Black

Team Maeve Tho.

Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood is speaking about the double standards she sees towards her character versus The Man in Black.

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In “Akane No Mai” Maeve Uses Her Power Over Hosts for Good, Making Her Ever-Better Than Dolores

SHOGUN WORLD! Hell, yes! This week, Westworld finally takes us into Shogun World, and we learn that it's...basically almost exactly like Westworldsame stories, different tropes. "Akane No Mai" also finds both Dolores and Maeve exercising control over fellow hosts in increasingly questionable ways. Oh yeah, and there's an awesome use of Wu-Tang Clan. [**SPOILERS AHOY!**]

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Lisa Joy’s Directing Debut, “The Riddle of the Sphinx,” Gives Us Westworld‘s Best S2 Episode Yet

What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening? The answer to the 'Riddle of the Sphinx' is 'man,' and the riddle itself about aging: crawling baby, to walking adult, to elderly person with a cane. It's interesting, then, that the Westworld episode of the same name is about humanity's attempt to do the exact opposite.

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HBO Responds to PETA’s Concern About Westworld‘s Use of Abused Trained Elephants

One of the cooler things about this season of Westworld is that we get to see a whole new side of the park. Or, rather, parks. There's more than one "world" owned and operated by Delos Corporation, all of them featuring appropriate host animals. In the British Raj setting this week, we saw peacocks, elephants, and a tiger. All as man-made as the human hosts. The elephants used by production on Westworld, however, were real, and PETA was not happy.

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Westworld Goes East in “Virtù e Fortuna,” Because Rich White People Love Them Some Colonization

Ooh! Honey! Let's go pretend to be colonizers in Asia! What fun!

This week's Westworld shows us just how much fun rich white people seem to think colonizing is, even during whatever future this show takes place in. Ooh! Honey! Let's go pretend to be colonizers in Asia! What fun! It'll be a nice change from pretending to steal land in the Old West! [**SPOILERS WILL ABOUND IN THIS POST AND THE COMMENTS! BEWARE!**]

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Westworld Kicks It up a Notch as Dolores Develops a God Complex in “Reunion”

And what the hell does Delos want?

This week's Westworld feels like the actual beginning of S2. "Reunion" jolts us awake with flashbacks that provide some much-needed context, and Dolores attempting to jolt her fellow hosts awake ... all while having developed a serious god complex. Meanwhile, the Man in Black has had it with Robert's shenanigans. [**SPOILERS WILL ABOUND IN THIS POST AND THE COMMENTS! BEWARE!**]

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5 Standout Sci-Fi and Space Westerns Like HBO’s Westworld

HBO’s Westworld proves how exciting it can be when different genres are remixed in one thoughtful, captivating, and unique tale.If you’re a fan of the way Westworld melds elements of both science fiction and westerns, here are five other sci-fi westerns (stories using sci-fi elements in a western setting) and space westerns (stories set in space but incorporating tropes from westerns) to help you pass the time between Westworld episodes. Hi-ho, spaceship, away!

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Westworld‘s Simon Quarterman Enjoyed the “Tables Being Turned” With His Full Frontal Nudity

One of the most, ahem, revealing moments of last night's season premiere of Westworld was the moment when Maeve ordered game designer Lee Sizemore to strip in order to put on some Westworld garb and "play a round" of his own game while helping her find her daughter. Actor Simon Quarterman, who plays Lee, relished the opportunity to turn the tables on what both the characters and the viewers come to expect.

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Westworld Begins Its “Journey Into Night” With Dolores, Maeve, and Bernard Discovering Themselves

What's on the other side of "The Door"?

Westworld is back and seemingly darker than ever. If you missed it last week, I did a spoiler-free advance review, and if you're feeling nostalgic, feel free to go back and look at my joint reviews of season one with Maddy Myers. But if you're ready to go back in "The Maze" and begin our journey through "The Door" (a.k.a. the name given to season two), let's do this! [**SPOILERS WILL ABOUND IN THIS POST AND THE COMMENTS! BEWARE!**]

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Things We Saw Today: Westworld Season Two Premieres Tonight and We Have our Conspiracy Theories Ready

Tonight is the premiere of season two of Westworld, a mere sixteen months after its season one finale. Seriously HBO, how dare you make us wait over a year to see what happens to Dolores, Maeve, Teddy, and yeah I guess the humans too. With season one ending with the beginnings of a robot revolution, […]

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Spoiler-Free Review: Westworld‘s Season 2 Premiere a Slow-Burn Start to a Fascinating New Story

Westworld Season Two premieres this weekend after way too long a wait, and TMS will be getting back to its regular coverage! Thanks to HBO, we got an advance peek at the first episode of the new season. Get ready for quite a ride, people! [**This is a spoiler-free review, but I will be talking about who's in the episode and scratching the surface of basic plot points.**]

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The Subtle Feminism of HBO’s Westworld

Westworld is many things: fascinating, shocking, confounding, violent, cerebral, beautiful, and ambitious. It’s one of those shows that means something. It’s as intricate and multilayered as one of the non-human "hosts" that populate the screen, a maze with a shocking revelation at its center. And could it be, like those hosts, secretly revolutionary? Could Westworld be feminist? Progressive? The answer, I think, is yes.

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Westworld Co-Creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan Connect the Show to Feminism and #MeToo

Before the watershed moment of #MeToo and #TimesUp, Westworld was using robots to tell a story about female bodily autonomy. In a recent interview, co-creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan discuss being able to openly talk about things that were once merely whispered about, as well as how their inherently feminist professional (and married) relationship allowed for each of them to get what they need while working on Westworld.

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Interview: Westworld‘s Luke Hemsworth Hopes Stubbs Can Be a “Ray of Sunshine” in a World of “Complete A**holes”

When I spoke with Luke Hemsworth, who plays Ashley Stubbs on Westworld, at a recent junket, it sounded like he hoped that Stubbs might be a force for good in Season Two. Though, at this point, what constitutes "good" anymore is subjective, given the kind of show Westworld is.

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Interview: Westworld’s Angela Sarafyan Explains How Clementine Provides a Voice for the Voiceless

When I recently interviewed Westworld's Angela Sarafyan, who plays the sweet host prostitute Clementine, I immediately made it known that I was #TeamClementine all the way. Dolores aside, Clementine was put through so much in Season One, and I would love nothing more than to see her lay waste to everything. Sarafyan loves Clementine, too, and in our chat she talked about how Clementine is a voice for the voiceless.

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Westworld’s Elaborate Season 2 Spoiler Prank Video Is So, So Good

Yesterday, the internet was taken aback when one of the most deliberately mysterious shows on television made a strange proposition: Westworld's showrunners offered to give up all of season 2's twists and turns ahead of time, in an effort to avoid trouble with spoilers. If your money was on that being an elaborate prank, congratulations, you've already been right about one part of Westworld season 2 before it even airs.

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Westworld Creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy Reveal Details About S2’s “Shogun World”

One of the things Westworld fans are looking forward to the most is the introduction of an all-new park in Season Two. We caught a glimpse of itsamurai hosts battling, an "SW" logoin the Season One finale, and have been speculating about it ever since. Now, creators and showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are ready to reveal a little more about the new park: Shogun World.

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Playing Westworld‘s Dolores Was “So Painful but So Healing” for Evan Rachel Wood in Processing Her Experiences With Abuse

Season One of Westworld was, among other things, all about female bodily autonomy, with the hosts' lives as a metaphor for the objectification, regular abuse, and sexual assault too many women experience. One of those women is Evan Rachel Wood, who plays Dolores on the show. As the show's lead and beating heart, Dolores had to bear the brunt of the show's abuse and violence. Playing that in S1, coupled with the vengeance she will be enacting in S2, has been hugely cathartic for Wood.

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A “Reckoning” Set to Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box”: Here’s the Westworld Season 2 Trailer

Trailers often give away too much and risk spoilers, but with Westworld's multiple locations, timelines, and twists, there's nothing but anticipation here.

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Things We Saw Today: The Title for Westworld Season 2 Gives Us Our First Clue of What to Expect

The first season of HBO's Westworld was called "The Maze." Now, showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have revealed the title for the upcoming second season, which is set to premiere next month.

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