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Catching up on Westworld Is Oddly Soothing in This Crisis

Ben Barnes as Logan Delos in Westworld

**Some spoilers for Westworld through season 2.**

I watched the first season of Westworld back as it was airing in 2016—loved it, was hooked by it, and then kept forgetting to watch season 2 as it aired in 2018, and so now, in the middle of being stuck inside with nothing else to do, I’ve started to catch up on what I’ve missed starting with a full rewatch, and you know, in the grand scheme of everything going on, it’s very soothing.

Back when the world was promising, before Donald Trump was even president, there was a brief moment of hope that our world could be better than the one Westworld presents, where the rich are lost in the idea of going to a theme park to kill and have sex and drink in excess at the expense of the artificially intelligent “Hosts.” Now, I wish that’s what the rich did, rather than put their stock prices ahead of public health.

What season 1 taught us is that the Hosts were not willing or ready to just sit back quietly and take what the guests were doing to them anymore—something I can identify with right now, along with season two’s focus on everyone just fighting to get out of the park and get free. It’s the kind of wish fulfillment I need.

But all of that, while exciting and the reason we love Westworld in the first place, does not fully account for why I feel eerily calm while watching it. What soothes me is watching Logan Delos and Charlotte Hale in any scene.

First, my love, Logan Delos (Ben Barnes), heir to in-universe Westworld overlord Delos Inc. I was warned. My friend and roommate (and friend of the site) Leah Marilla Thomas talked about him continually, and I did not listen, and now, despite his flaws, I stan Logan Delos most of all. He showed up in season 2 to meet the Hosts in this maroon suit and started crying, and I said, “Oh no,” out loud.

Ben Barnes as Logan Delos in Westworld

A character who loves the game and loves to play it, Logan is a complicated man, one we eventually learn died from his afflictions at much too young an age. Logan isn’t in the show nearly enough, but that jsut keeps me waiting until I see Ben Barnes (Bin Bons, for those of us who know) to feel that sense of calm once more.

But when I don’t have Logan Delos onscreen? Well, then there ‘s Charlotte Hale.

Tessa Thompson as Charlotte Hale in Westworld.

Portrayed by Tessa Thompson, Delos exec Charlotte Hale comes in at the end of season 1 and takes charge of Westworld, and … good. Can Tessa Thompson come do that to my LIFE? The thing is, Westworld is so large and has so many storylines going on at once that … it’s nice to just find characters, focus on them, and let me forget for however many hours this is taking me to finish that everything else out in the world is … you know, on fire.

So, I’m going to sit back, watch Westworld, and continue to love Logan Delos and Charlotte Hale most of all.

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