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Things We Saw Today: It’s the Girl Scouts’ 105th Birthday!

The first Girl Scout troop was registered on this day in 1912! Like many longstanding and nationwide groups, the Girl Scouts have a complicated history--even to this day.

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Wake Up Before Dawn This Month to Check Out the Naked-Eye Planets With Your Morning Coffee

Do you love stargazing? Do you also love sleep? Well, one of those loves is gonna have to go - at least for one morning this month. For the next thirty days, you'll have a chance to see all five planets visible to the naked eye all lined up in a row for the first time in ten years.

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Things We Saw Today: The Deepest Living Fish


Damn, Venus, why you gotta play us like this?

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NASA Research Center Details Plans for Cloud Cities and Airships on Venus

I've got a bad good feeling about this.

NASA's ideas about setting up floating cities on Venus may seem like delusions of grandeur, but in some ways they would actually be more practical than setting up camp on Mars. Since they're already tied in other areas like availability of Star Wars jokes—Mars is cold like Hoth; Venus would need a cloud city—the new ideas about Venus may be a tie breaker.

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Things We Saw Today: The Illustration For “Human” In D&D Is Awesome

You mean humans can be not generically stubbly white males? GASP

The rules for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons seem to be getting everything right. First, they're inclusive of all different kinds of gender identity. Now, they're even illustrating "humans" as not generic white male game characters. Thanks, D&D. You rule. (via Twitter)

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The Moon and Venus Snuggle Up Close Tonight, Here’s How and When to See It in GIF form!

Moon <3's Venus 4evah, maybe not 4evah, but definitely tonight.

Tonight you'll be able to see a beautiful view of the Moon and Venus next to each other in the sky. Sure, they'll still actually be millions and millions of miles away from each other, but it's all about perspective, and tonight's perspective will be lovely. Here's how to see it in seven easy steps and eight silly GIFs.

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Meet Zephyr: The Windsailing Rover NASA May Use to Explore Venus

Rollerskating rovers to be considered for runs on Saturn's rings.

Because Venus, ranging from 24 to 162 million miles from Earth, is as close as any of us really want to get to a nightmarish hellscape, I suppose it makes sense that we haven't yet figured out a way to explore its surface. But that may soon change: NASA is considering sending a rover to the surface of the planet by making that rover a windsailer.

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Tonight At Sunset Pause Arrested Development And Look At Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury Together

You can see Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter together tonight, that is if you can pull yourself away from Netflix for five minutes.

I get it. It's Memorial Day weekend. You have 15 episodes of Arrested Development to get through before returning to work, but tonight take a minute to look to the Western sky and see Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus huddled together. It's not something you get to see every day, and in fact it's pretty rare.

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Is The Venus Express Probe Watching Volcanoes Erupt On The Planet As We Speak?

Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) are seeing increased levels of sulfur dioxide in the already rather poisonous atmosphere of Venus. There are a couple of possible explanations for the spike in levels of the gas, but right now, we're going to get excited about the coolest possibility, which is that the ESA's Venus Express probe is seeing the results of some not insignificant volcanic activity on the surface of the planet.

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More Than a Year After His Death, Steve Jobs’ Super-Yacht is Finally Complete

It's been over a year since Steve Jobs passed away, but Apple's creative juggernaut is still making awesome stuff. Jobs' private yacht, which he designed but never had the chance to see finished, has been spotted in the wild at a shipyard in  Aalsmeer, Holland. Constructed by Dutch shipbuilder Feadship, the Jobs family had the yacht the completed even after Job's death, with the help of French designer Phillipe Starck. Dubbed "Venus," after the Roman god of Beauty, Jobs' massive ship's sleek design is definitely reminiscent of the man's personal aesthetic.

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Some of the Best Pictures of Venus Transiting the Sun

hold on to your butts

So, did you watch the transit of Venus last night? Did you look directly into the sun to watch it? Then, how are you reading this right now? In case you missed it, or didn't have the proper filters for watching safely, here are some of the best pictures, provided by your friendly neighborhood internet.

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The Transit of Venus: Ignore All That Advice About Not Looking At the Sun (We’re Kidding)

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

It's time for one of those rare instances when the planets and star of the universe align in a certain way that none of us will ever see again in our lifetimes. Unless we have time lords among us, of course. The transit of Venus, which means that we Earthlings will be able to observe Venus moving across the face of the Sun, is happening over the course of seven hours today (tomorrow for the Eastern hemisphere) and it won't happen again until 2117. But how are we mere mortals supposed to observe such a thing when we've been told all our lives that looking into the Sun was bad? Here's how you can look into the Sun. (But not the trap. Seriously, don't look into the trap, Egon.)

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Amazing Views of Venus and Jupiter Across the Sky

As you may recall, Jupiter and Venus have been putting on quite the show together as they pace each other across the night sky. For those of you that haven't seen some of the more dramatic conjunctions of these planetary bodies, Patrick Cullis has put together this beautiful time lapse video. What's more, he's pointed his camera above Boulder, Colorado's beautiful Flatiron rock formations. It's an unforgettable view.

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Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon Line Up Beautifully

Over the past few weeks, you might have noticed two bright lights in the night sky that stuck close to each other night after night. These weren't stars, but rather the planets Jupiter and Venus traversing across our view. On Sunday, the two planets lined up with our moon in a spectacular conjunction made all the better by Rick Ellis' multiple exposures, tracking the progress of the triplet as they make their way across the sky.

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