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Some of the Best Pictures of Venus Transiting the Sun

hold on to your butts

So, did you watch the transit of Venus last night? Did you look directly into the sun to watch it? Then, how are you reading this right now? In case you missed it, or didn’t have the proper filters for watching safely, here are some of the best pictures, provided by your friendly neighborhood internet.

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Several sites provided live coverage and streaming video of the astronomical event that we last saw in 2004 and won’t see again until 2117. Here are some of the best images:

Venus begins its transit. (this and the top pic from The Guardian)


You can even see some of Venus’ details in this one:

The approach:

Contact I:

Short gif animation from TARDIS Junkyard:

Our view from Earth, from Flickr user mbrethren (via NASA’s Flickr roundup)

Man, space is beautiful.

(via The Guardian,, NASA’s Flickr Page)

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