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The Moon and Venus Snuggle Up Close Tonight, Here’s How and When to See It in GIF form!

Moon <3's Venus 4evah, maybe not 4evah, but definitely tonight.

Venus and Moon

Tonight you’ll be able to see a beautiful view of the Moon and Venus next to each other in the sky. Sure, they’ll still actually be millions and millions of miles away from each other, but it’s all about perspective, and tonight’s perspective will be lovely. Here’s how to see it in seven easy steps and eight silly GIFs.

Step 1: Wait for sunset.

sonic sunsetIt’s 7:21PM EST where I am, but find out for yourself.

Step 2: Go outside!

go outside

I hate outside too, but sometimes it’s worth it. This is one of those times. Grab a jacket. It might be a little chilly tonight.

Step 3: Look west-southwest.


Does your phone have a compass? If not, here’s how to make one.

Step 4: Wait for it…

wait for it

The best view will actually be about 45 minutes after sunset, but if you go outside at sunset it will give you plenty of time to find a nice unobstructed view of the west-southwestern sky. See what we did there?

Step 5: Enjoy a beverage.


Alright, it probably won’t take you 45 minutes to find a decent view, so you’ve got a little time to kill.

Step 6: Look at the Moon and Venus real close to each other!

sailor venus

the moon

Step 7: Be amazed at the beauty of space!


It is. It really is.

Here’s hoping for clear skies tonight, everybody!

(via, image via Matthew Sylvester)

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