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Find Out What Ectoplasm Tastes Like With These Weird “Green Slime” Ghostbusters Twinkies

Thanks, Ghostbusters!

Because you've always wanted to know what ectoplasm tastes like, Hostess has partnered up with the marketing minds behind Ghostbusters to create a "green slime" Twinkie.

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Celebrate the Return of the Twinkie With These 8 Recipe Suggestions

Get yourself a box of Twinkies and get cracking on some of these recipes.

Twinkies are back! The exclamation point might be a bit much, but based on the reaction the Internet had when they went away, we're willing to bet more than a few of you are genuinely thrilled. Sure, you could run out, buy a box, and stuff your face with plain ole' Twinkies, but why not step up and get creative? We've compiled a list of suggested recipes to take your Twinkie game to the next level. I even tried a few of them myself. I ate a Twinkie hot dog, people.

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Twinkie the Kid Rides Again! The Snack Cake Returns July 15th

There's been an oblong, spongy whole in America's heart since the Twinkie went away. Fill your heart with cream on July 15th!

Remember when Twinkies went away, and people went berserk? Well calm down, everyone. Twinkies are coming back July 15th. After some corporate shenanigans that damn near killed Hostess last year, the company is back under new management that's bringing back Zombieland's favorite post-apocalyptic treat. Enjoy the little things.

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Mourn Hostess Properly With These 11 Hilarious Marvel Comics Advertisements

Whether it's due to crippling mismanagement or labor strikes, the fact of the matter is that Hostess is winding down its operations. Their brands are for sale, which could mean we'll see Twinkies once again produced outside of Canada, but the company as it exists in the United States is going away. Back in the day, the company took out a series of hilarious advertisements within the pages of Marvel Comics, and we've collected our 11 favorite ads to pay our respects. Hit the jump to check them out.

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Chris Christie Refuses to Talk About Twinkies By Saying Twinkies Four Times in Under One Minute

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held a press conference today about the news that Hostess was closing, and that it meant the world was ending because there would be no more Twinkies, but he refused to talk about the delicious, spongy, and radiation repellent treat. He refused to talk about it by saying "Twinkies" four times in less than a minute.

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Twinkie the Kid Is Alive and Well and Living in Canada

Today, just when the plight of snack cake lovers across the United States looked most bleak, a beacon of light shone down upon us from the North, where Canada has become the surprising savoir of all Twinkie-dom. The Globe and Mail reports that the Canadian brands that own the licenses for Hostess products in Canada will continue producing Twinkies, Ho Hos, and Ding Dongs, even as suppliers in the United States shutter their doors. Though Hostess may be dead, the Twinkie lives on.

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Labor Dispute Could Finally Bankrupt Hostess, Wipe Out World Twinkie Supply

A labor dispute between management and union bakers at financially troubled American snack cake icon Hostess could do what decades of age, trampling by herds of elephants, and nuclear holocaust could never accomplish, bringing about the end of the Twinkie as we know it. The company's management says that unless striking bakers -- who are protesting a labor deal forcing them to accept lowered wages and cuts to benefits -- return to work, the company could be forced to liquidate its assets and stop producing the delectable snacks that have helped to make our proud nation the doughy, wheezing powerhouse it is today.

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Professor Loses 27 Pounds on Twinkie Diet: Why That Makes Sense

Mark Haub, professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, ate a Twinkie every three hours for ten weeks in an attempt to prove that caloric intake, rather than the healthiness of food, was the main factor contributing to weight loss, to which I reply, "Duh." Read on for details.

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