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Twinkie the Kid Rides Again! The Snack Cake Returns July 15th

There's been an oblong, spongy whole in America's heart since the Twinkie went away. Fill your heart with cream on July 15th!


Twinkie the Kid

Remember when Twinkies went away, and people went berserk? Well calm down, everyone. Twinkies are coming back July 15th. After some corporate shenanigans that damn near killed Hostess last year, the company is back under new management that’s bringing back Zombieland’s favorite post-apocalyptic treat. Enjoy the little things.

After cutting back the number of drivers and company bakeries, Hostess will resume Twinkie distribution on July 15th. At the request of about ten percent of the retailers ordering the spongy cakes, some of the Twinkies will be shipped frozen. Hostess insists this won’t affect the quality of the product, and will simply allow retailers more flexibility when stocking Twinkies.

Unless they’ve changed the recipe, isn’t freezing a Twinkie to preserve it’s “freshness” uneccessary? Lasting forever on a shelf is kind of the Twinkie’s “thing.” Maybe stores will start selling frozen Twinkies for people who want to eat them that way?

Most stores will still be receiving non-frozen Twinkies, but considering how hot it is in New Jersey today, a frozen Twinkie actually sounds kind of good. Well. It sounds as a good a Twinkie can sound.

(via Yahoo! News, image via Clarissa Peterson)

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