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10 Great Books for X-Files Fans

Because the truth is still out there.

Many shows have drawn inspiration from it and some have even tried to replicate it: The fact remains, nothing will ever come close to The X-Files. This ’90s hit was well-received and completely mainstream when released, yet it has still managed to gain an obsessive, cult-like following. We will never stop loving (or shipping) Scully and Mulder.

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The Cast of Star Trek: Discovery Took a Knee Against Racial Injustice

I imagine that the cast of Star Trek: Discovery made the spirit of creator Gene Roddenberry—along with legions of fans—even prouder when they knelt en masse to protest the ongoing issues of racial injustice and police brutality in America.

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Things We Saw Today: A Justice League of Their Own Is Our New Favorite Mash-Up

Illustrator Kate Willært created some amazing mash-ups of the Justice League and the 1992 movie A League of Their Own for

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The New Season of The X-Files Has Zero Women Writers and This Is Unacceptable

The truth is out there and it sucks.

From the Department of What the Actual Fresh Hell Is This, news comes that season 11 of the refreshed X-Files has finalized its writer's room. Considerably less refreshing is that the females on staff amount to exactly none.

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Fox Is Bringing The X-Files Back Again Because We Can’t Get Enough Scully and Mulder

New new X-Files.

The movie industry isn't the only place where all of our nostalgic favorites just keep coming back. We're in a golden age of mining old TV favorites for returns to the delight of their ardent fans, and despite generally mixed reviews on how that's gone so far, we can't stop wanting it to happen—which is probably why Fox is bringing The X-Files back for another new season.

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Things We Saw Today: The X-Files Are Back (But Not in the Way You Might Think)

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are set to reprise their roles as Dana Mulder and Fox Scully, just not on television.

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Netflix’s April Losses Are a Bloodbath of Our Favorites, but They’ve Got Some Great Additions in New MST3K and Bill Nye

Netflix might as well have staked us in the heart.

Every month, we pore over the list of what Netflix is adding and losing, rejoicing in the coming of new favorites and mourning the loss of classics—and the desperate impossibility of binging it all in the few days remaining. This month, those feelings are especially acute, since we're losing Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, and the original seasons of Arrested Development but replacing them with Mystery Science Theater and Bill Nye.

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The X-Files Newbie Recap: Season 9 & I Want To Believe

Think of me, think of me fondly when we've said gooodbyeee...

And guys, I really did want to believe.

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Celebrate the Anniversary of The X-Files With Some Hilarious Bloopers

Because you can never have enough blooper reels.

23 years ago today, The X-Files premiered on Fox--and our desire to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials was never the same again.

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The X-Files Newbie Recap: Season 8

John Doggett and Monica Reyes are the heroes we deserve AND need right now.

Greetings, X-Philes! We're onto the penultimate season of the show, and if I'm being honest, this was a tough one. A very tough one.

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The X-Files Newbie Recap: Season 7

Have aliens forcibly made this ship canon? What a way to go.

X-Philes friends! I'm back, I'm excited, I'm full of rage and bursting with thoughts. Let's do this thing.

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Celebrate Independence Day by Trusting No One and Watching the X-Files Revival Miniseries on Blu-ray

The return of The X-Files as a six-part miniseries on FOX was met with high anticipation followed by severe mixed feelings. Now, you can celebrate the US's independence by trusting no one, looking at the shadier elements in our nation's government, and watching the entire miniseries on Blu-ray. Because freedom. And aliens.

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The X-Files Newbie Recap: Season 6


Featuring a special section dedicated entirely to Rat Prince Alex Krycek. C'mon.

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Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Are Open To Discussing Another Season of The X-Files

I want to believe they won't leave us with that cliffhanger season 10 finale.

After the success of the revival of The X-Files, the only question that seemed to remain was not if, but when the stars would return for more.

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Gillian Anderson Fights, Flirts, Blows Stuff Up in Fan Trailer for Jane Bond

I want to believe.

Last weekend, a crafty fan made a poster of Gillian Anderson as the next James Bond, which Anderson herself then shared on Twitter. The #NextBond poster was just the latest in a series of fan campaigns focused around the role of James Bond. From Idris Elba to Priyanka Chopra, there's an obvious desire from many fans and some actors for women and people of color to take more of a central role in the Bond franchise.

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The X-Files Newbie Recap: “The End” & The X-Files Movie

A bee interrupted the moment. *The* moment. A flipping BEE. I defy you, stars!!!

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Mulder and Scully May Return in New X-Files Miniseries Next Year

Thanks to VOD, the return of the X-Files last year was second only to Empire as the most-watched VOD program on FOX, and was one of the most-watched series on the network overall. Now, it seems that FOX is optimistic about a second miniseries for next year.

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The X-Files Newbie Recap: “All Souls,” “The Pine Bluff Variant,” & “Folie à Deux”

"If I'm not back by midnight, feed my fish."

Scully feels, two episodes with beloved Walter and "you're my one in five billion"? THIS WEEK IS JUST COPIOUS HURT.

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The X-Files Newbie Recap: “The Red and the Black,” “Travelers,” and “Mind’s Eye”

"I've been called many things. Skeptical is not one of them."

Mulder and Krycek, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I [the moment has been interrupted by a crude joke] This is why we can't have nice things.

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The X-Files Newbie Recap: “Kill Switch,” “Bad Blood,” & “Patient X”

"Anyway, I was drugged."

How do you solve a problem like following certified masterpiece Bad Blood? YOU RESURRECT RATBOY, THAT'S HOW. Peculiar affair with Covarrubias: optional.

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