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Pokémon Company Confirms Pokémon Games for Nintendo NX

Back at the beginning of August, in the middle (or rather just after the height) of Pokémon GO fever, a report circulated that some big name Nintendo franchises, including Pokémon, would be landing on the company's NX system in the near future. It was hard to tell whether that was accurate or just capitalizing on Pokémania, but now the Pokémon Company has confirmed the pocket monsters really are on the way to NX.

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Pokémon Generations: Relive the Pokémon Games in Brand New Animated Shorts

I like shorts. They're comfy and quick to watch.

The Pokémon franchise is 20 years old this year! Not only do we have Pokémon GO, new main-series games on the way in Sun and Moon, an update to the Pokémon anime to go along with them, and rereleases of the originals on 3DS, but now we've got one more way to celebrate with Pokémon Generations.

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Pokémon GO’s Buddy System Is Stingy but Adorable

The buddy system never fails.

Here's everything you need to know about Pokémon GO 's new buddy system.

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Here: Hug Your Own Adorable Eevee Build-A-Bear and Go Back to Sleep Until 2017

What? Eevee is evolving!

2016 is a terrible year. That doesn't mean nothing good is happening that you can use to console yourself, though, and you can thank the resurgence of Pokémania for your brand new woobie. Build-A-Bear is introducing a new Pokémon plushy based on one of the world's most adorable Pokémon: Eevee.

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Pokémon GO Update Adds a New Feature, but Not the One You Were Hoping For

It's not very effective ...

There's still a lot of Pokémon news out there after over a month and a half of Pokémon GO—like the loss of 10 million users that everyone will undoubtedly make too much of, or a flood of people in Taipei rushing to catch a Snorlax—but things have been relatively quiet from the developers themselves after the app's last update. Now, they're rolling out a new patch and adding a feature, but it's not the tracking system you've been waiting for.

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Pokémon GO Has Lost 22% of Its U.S. Players, Which Is Much Better Than It Sounds

To protect the fans from devastation.

According to Survey Monkey Intelligence numbers, Pokémon GO has seen a loss of nearly one quarter (22.7%, from 40 million at its peak to 30 million) of its users this month, which certainly sounds like a sign of a passing fad at first glance. However, compared to the user retention of other mobile apps, Pokémon GO's nearly 80 percent staying power is yet another impressive feat for Niantic's Pokémon game.

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Dallas Pokéstops Might Be Hiding a Knitted Pokémon Surprise Thanks to This Artist

Oddish's epic yarn.

Pokémon GO has fostered all kinds of unique social interaction and made the real world feel just a little more magical, but finding digital Pokémon in our surroundings wasn't enough for Nichole's Nerdy Knots. The nerdy knitter has been stitching up some Pokémon and hiding them around Pokéstops in the real world for random people to find, which we can only imagine is an incredibly rewarding surprise.

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Twitch Is Now Helping Pokémon GO Catch All the Cheaters

Maybe if they catch enough, we can evolve them.

Niantic already shut down the bulk of services out there aimed at helping players locate Pokémon to catch 'em all faster—a controversy in itself—but those 3rd party Pokémon trackers were a lot more in keeping with the spirit of the game than other methods of cheating. Using bots and "spoofing" players' GPS location are also prevalent means of gaming the system, and Twitch is helping to crack down.

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Pokémon GO Developer Working on Bug That Made Pokémon Harder to Catch; Players Call Them Liars

Amid all the criticism that Pokémon GO developer Niantic has been getting this week after an update to the app that cut off 3rd party mapping services, one cry from fans has rung especially true: If Niantic would communicate more with players about what was going on, the players wouldn't be so angry. While that's been true for plenty of players as the company has started to open up about issues, a non-trivial amount have been just as angry at their responses as they were at silence.

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Pokémon GO Has Reportedly Made Over $160 Million & Remains Popular Despite Fans’ Frustrations

That's a whooooole lot of lures.

We measure how worthwhile apps are by a lot of metrics—money made, total users, and engagement, to name a few—and Pokémon GO is pretty much killing it at all of them despite the resounding negative reaction to the game's latest update. In fact, though it's not even out in many areas of the world, the game has already made $160 million dollars and remains more demanding of its users' attention than Facebook.

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Man Wants Pokémon to Get off His Lawn, Sues Niantic and Nintendo Over Pokémon GO

The players are trying to take them off your hands, man.

Pokémon GO has been a source of both fun and frustration for fans and creators alike, but what about the innocent bystanders to this cultural phenomenon? A homeowner from New Jersey isn't too happy with the digital creatures that have been placed in his yard and the attention they've been drawing, and he's filed a lawsuit in an effort to get the rest of the fun police involved.

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Pokémon GO Creator Says Sponsored Locations Are Better Than Micro-Transactions—If Your Game Is Big Enough

It helps when every business is falling over itself to sponsor you.

In-app purchases of items and other bonuses in free mobile games are common, and they've certainly made Pokémon GO a lot of money so far, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're the best thing for the game. Players need incentive to spend their money, which can have an affect on gameplay, and Niantic CEO John Hanke much prefers the sponsored location deal they're launching with McDonald's in Japan.

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Turns out You Can Actually Play Pokémon GO in Landscape Mode on the iPhone, but You Shouldn’t

If you, you know, want to catch any Pokémon.

Pokémon GO's portrait-only presentation is fine for the most part, but for a game that tasks you with taking in your surroundings, it's a bit of a limited way to look around a map. (It's also terrible when you're taking screenshots for work that need to be landscape-oriented, by the way.) There's no officially supported landscape mode yet (and there probably won't be), but there is a sneaky workaround you can use on iOS devices—no extra software required.

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Pokémon GO Player Claims to Have Reached the Highest Possible Level

Like no one ever was etc. etc.

That's it. Pack it up. We can all go home now. Someone has become the very best—the highest level has been reached in Pokémon GO. A full Pokédex has apparently already been logged (as full as you can currently get in a single region, anyway), but now we know that level 40 is the highest level your trainer can reach in the game (currently), and it means lots of experience points and some powerful Pokémon.

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Pokémon GO Honest Trailer Sums up the Last Three Weeks of Our Lives

And we're OK with that.

Look, I love Pokémon GO. I've been lucky enough not to see a whole lot of the hate that's apparently been going around from people who don't, but I've seen enough defensive response memes to know it's out there, and I'm not thrilled with the mocking. On the other hand, the game is definitely not perfect, and a lot of comical things have happened over the past few weeks because of it.

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Pokémon GO News and Updates From Comic-Con: Three Step Glitch, Eevee Evolution, & Upcoming Features

Developer Niantic already had a Pokémon GO panel scheduled for San Diego Comic-Con, but after the game's breakout success, it was moved to the legendary (6,500-seat-huge) Hall H, where con-goers were treated to brand new information and hints about the future (and present) of the game everyone is playing.

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Apple Confirms Pokémon GO Has Broken an App Launch Download Record

The very best like no app ever was. (Had to.)

It's yet another Friday on a week during which Pokémon GO has existed in the world as a thing you can download and play, and you know what that means: more Pokémon GO news to finish the week, as it turns out. This time, we've got direct confirmation from Apple that Pokémon GO is now the reigning champion of the iOS App Store after its record-breaking debut.

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Japanese Government Issues Illustrated Safety Warnings Ahead of Apokélypse—er, Pokémon GO Launch

At least the four horsemen get to ride in on Rapidash.

Pokémon GO was reportedly supposed to have launched in Japan recently, but then that anticipated launch was also reportedly delayed after an email seemed to leak the launch window. The concern, it seems, was that the leaked details would lead to even more server congestion than normal and ruin the launch, but the Japanese government has its own concerns about the game's popularity.

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T-Mobile Pokes Around Net Neutrality Again With Free Pokémon GO Data Usage

Sure, there have been plenty of complaints about Pokémon GO burning through players' battery, but what about their data plans? It's been a long time since unlimited smartphone data was the norm, and T-Mobile wants to convince you to use T-Mobile help you become a Pokémon master by offering free data while playing Pokémon GO—a move that undermines net neutrality.

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Pokémon GO Now More Popular Than Facebook, Minecraft, Porn …

... eating, breathing ...

Pokémon GO's massive cultural impact can be felt pretty much every time you leave the house, but how do we measure it, exactly? Depending on what metrics you use, the game is pretty much more popular than anything else on the planet right now, which has to be strong encouragement for Nintendo to make broader use of their intellectual properties.

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