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Things We Saw Today: It’s Bisexual Visibility Day!

While LGBT History Month isn't until October, September 23 is Celebrate Bisexuality Day/Bi Visibility Day. Check out the #BiVisibilityDay tag for some A+ jokes, celebratory selfies, and knowledge dropping.

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These Science Fiction Shows and Movies Help Me Parent in Uncertain Times

Using TV and movies as distraction is one of my key coping mechanisms these days, since breastfeeding precludes me from heavy drinking.

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Things We Saw Today: David Tennant Promises “It’s All Going to Be Okay”

David Tennant offered words of comfort--and a call to action, on the TV show The Last Leg. "It’s all going to be okay," he said. "Trust me, I’m a Doctor. But it’s up to us to make it okay."

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The Expanse Season Two Trailers Show That Despite Colonizing Mars, Humanity Hasn’t Come Very Far At All

So much sci-fi is set in an idealized future in which humanity has figured everything out; in which our only enemies are those outside our species and humanity is a beacon to which other species should aspire. SyFy's The Expanse is not that show. This show is all about reminding us that technological advancement and evolution as a species don't necessarily have anything to do with each other.

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Review: The Expanse’s Triumphant First Season Leaves Us Wanting More

The Expanse took its time and brought us slowly to its second act. We’re ready. We’re also going to have to wait for Season 2 to see how it all plays out.

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Syfy’s The Expanse Is the Best Damn Space Show Since Firefly, and You Should Be Watching Right Now

You didn't watch Firefly, did you? Admit it! Not when it was on air, anyway. You didn’t watch, and the show was canceled. It's basically your fault. Now go turn on your TV or go to and start watching The Expanse.

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The Expanse Gets a Second Season on Syfy

Shortly after Syfy made the first four episodes of its new show The Expanse available to watch for free via online streaming, the network announced that it has renewed the show for a second season.

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You Can Now Watch Even More of The Expanse Online (and That’s a Good Thing)

After the early streaming of The Expanse's pilot online (not to mention the premiere of the first two episodes on TV), Syfy has announced that it's making the first four episodes of its latest TV adaptation available to watch online and on demand.

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Now You Can Watch The First Episode of Syfy’s The Expanse Online

While the first episode isn't technically scheduled to premiere until December 14th, Syfy decided to release the pilot on multiple platforms to get people hyped for what's to come.

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Syfy Chief Talks Change in Direction for the Network and… Admits Mistakes?

They're not changing the name, though.

Syfy is a network that's been struggling for a few years with, well, fans of sci fi. Ten years ago, critics ranked the network's Battlestar Galactica among the historic television events of the decade, but the channel hasn't been able to pull off the same kind of mainstream, demographic spanning hit since.

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