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Let’s Talk About Those First Three Episodes of The Expanse’s New Season

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On December 16th, Amazon dropped the first three episodes of The Expanse season five. As I mentioned in my review, these episodes are actually some of the “quietest” of the season, if anything can exactly be termed quiet on a show where someone is likely to get shot in the head when you least expect it. Next week, you’re in for a lot happening all at once, but there’s still much to sink our teeth into this time around.

The standouts for me from these episodes—”Exodus,” “Churn,” and “Mother”—are Amos journeying back to his roots in Baltimore and Drummer trying to manage her grief and coming into her own as a leader.

As Amos, Wes Chatham really gets the chance to shine this season. Amos has always been a fan favorite, but the character hasn’t been allowed to show the kind of range that he does now—range that’s the result of well-earned character growth. He’s still the Amos we know and love, though; that shower fight scene with the toothbrush??? And am I the only one who would gladly watch several hours of Amos and Avasarala having a drink?

Did you catch this delightful little detail, which Chatham shared on his Instagram account?

Wes Chatham instagram

Our other fan favorite, Camina Drummer, is also given time and space on her own that previous seasons haven’t afforded her. Cara Gee is just so good as the driven, tough-as-nails Drummer—who possesses the fiercest eyeliner game in the galaxy—that when I spoke with Gee at The Expanse’s recent virtual press event, I was almost taken aback to find her super-warm, smiling, and laughing. This season, however, we get to see many sides of Drummer, including some far more vulnerable and emotional moments than ever before. Every time Gee is onscreen as Drummer feels like a gift to us all.

In addition, I’ve really enjoyed Anna Hopkins’ expanded role as intrepid reporter Monica Stuart. With his Rocinante family dispersed, it’s nice for Holden to have a familiar face to worry about, since Holden wouldn’t be Holden if he wasn’t worried about something. And of course, the person he cares and worries about most, Naomi, is far away on her own very personal journey. Now that we’ve seen Naomi’s first encounter with Filip, I understand why showrunner Naren Shankar described the meeting as “[Filip] doesn’t bake her a cake.” To put it mildly.

What jumped out at you from the first three episodes of the season? How are we feeling about Marco Inaros, folks? Let’s talk about The Expanse’s new season in the comments.

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