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Netflix Bets on Original Content, With 80 Original Films and 30 Anime Series in 2018

For 2018, Netflix aims to release even more original content, producing 80 films and 30 anime series.

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Netflix Is in Early Talks for Even More Gilmore Girls Episodes

I smell snow!

No, you're not reading a headline from a few years ago, when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was still just a dream to fans of the show. The ending that made it into the revival years after the original series aired was always intended to be a cliffhanger, but now it looks like we may actually get to find out what happens after those final four words are spoken.

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Wachowskis Team Up With Babylon 5 Creator and Netflix for New Series

Here's a sentence that has so many great things in it, it's almost unbelievable: The Wachowskis will be teaming up with J. Michael Straczynski and Netflix to produce a new sci-fi series called Sense8. Remember yesterday when I said if Spotify is going to get into video production they need to do it really well? This is the kind of thing I meant.

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Netflix Seems Unsure as to Whether Arrested Development Will End After Season Four

Don't Panic

Arrested Development fans, I'm sorry, but I have some (potentially) bad news: Season four, airing on Netflix in May, might be the show's last.

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Pure Magic: Netflix and Disney Close the Deal on Multi-Year Licensing Agreement

Earlier this year, Netflix's messy breakup with Starz resulted in an even messier custody battle, with the latter walking away with their entire catalog of Sony and Disney flicks. But now it looks like the world's largest provider of on-demand streaming media is on the rebound and has hooked up with the Walt Disney Company in a multi-year licensing deal. Cutting out the middleman, Netflix will now have access to the wonderful works of Disney and its subsidiaries, as well as no longer spending lonesome evenings waiting for the hot dogs to thaw in the kitchen sink.

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Netflix Executive: Canadians Have “Almost Third-World” Internet Access

The Internet is serious business. These days, a number of businesses absolutely require the Internet to function. This is especially true if those companies are looking to stream media content to their customers. When Internet service providers gouge their customers for bandwidth, they're less likely to use said streaming services. It's for this reason that Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer, isn't a big fan of Canadian providers.

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Netflix Snags Streaming Deal With DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation has struck a deal with Netflix to provide its movies and television specials to the now somewhat independent streaming giant. DreamWorks chose Netflix over a deal with HBO, with both DreamWorks and Netflix citing the deal as the first time a major Hollywood supplier chose a Web platform over pay television. Analysts estimate the deal is worth over $30 million per film to over an unspecified number of years to DreamWorks. Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos comments on DreamWorks' move from pay television to Web streaming:

“You’re seeing power moving back into the hands of content creators. When a company like DreamWorks ends a long-running pay TV deal — when a new buyer in the space steps up — that’s a really interesting landscape shift.”

The addition of DreamWorks may be a big step in Netflix pushing through all of its recent negative attention and content loss, as Netflix recently lost a ton of content when their deal with Starz ended, and many people are viewing the Netflix and Qwikster split as a portent of content doom for the company. However, Netflix will begin streaming DreamWorks' content starting in 2013, over an entire year away. It should be noted, according to CNET, that HBO allowed DreamWorks out of its contract two years early -- obviously not broken up over the matter.

(The New York Times via Techmeme)

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