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Things We Saw Today: Chris Evans Says Avengers 4 Will “Wrap Things Up” for Steve Rogers but What About Me, Chris? What About Me?

Listen, Chris, I love you and your earnest activism and your adorable dogs, but Steve Rogers is my favorite and I'm not going to give him up without a fight.

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PSA: Hey, Kids! Don’t Play Pokemon Go in These Places, Okay?

"Oak's words echoed... 'There's a time and place for everything, but not now.'"

Because we here at The Mary Sue are so safety-minded, and because we care about you a lot, we'd like to go ahead and suggest a few places where you probably shouldn't play Pokemon Go.

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Doctor Who: In Defense of Sonic Sunglasses

Because if they ever "fix the chameleon circuit"? Eff those people.

There's been much ado about the current Doctor on Doctor Who making use of sonic sunglasses as opposed to his sonic screwdriver, and I'd just like to say...can we all just chill the fuck out for a second?

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The LEGO Doctor Who Set is Coming Soon


Lego updated its official Facebook page just a few hours ago with a beautiful, beautiful image—a Lego TARDIS. We're now one step closer to being able to create our own adventures through time and space.

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Things We Saw Today: John Barrowman’s Adorable TARDIS Cosplay at Dragon Con

John Barrowman wore a beautiful TARDIS dress and a pair of red high heels to his Dragon Con panel, and he did a lot of cute twirling and high kicks to celebrate.

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A TARDIS Grows in Brooklyn

My pal Marlene shared this image on Twitter yesterday and suddenly I felt compelled to run. Weird.

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Remote Control TARDIS Flies out of Our Dreams and Into Real Life


Aerial robotics expert/possible dream journal spy Otto Dieffenbach built this flying RC TARDIS himself and suddenly made us all wonder, "Why do we live in a world where this isn't a thing you can just buy at the store?"

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Florida Homeowners Association Demands Removal Of Fan Made TARDIS From Driveway

Right, sorry. I'll just step inside this police box and arrest myself.

But where else are you supposed to park your TARDIS, Florida? On the street?

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The BBC is Very Happy About Doctor Who Season 8 Ratings But Capaldi Would Like a New TARDIS Please and Thank You

Can it be this TARDIS? Please?

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A TARDIS Toilet Called The “Who Loo” Just Touched Down In Bristol

Pull to flush?

If you ever happen to be on the bike path that runs between Bristol and Bath, Justin Hoggans, Whovian and owner of the nearby Warmley Waiting Room Cafe, has installed a telephone box to help passers-by answer the call of nature. The "Who Loo" features a light on top to indicate occupancy, and makes a whirring sound when activated by a switch inside the Cafe.

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Stop Everything: Peter Capaldi Coming Out of a Tiny TARDIS Spotted On the Set of Doctor Who

The cutest time machine you ever did see.

HOW tiny TARDIS? WHY tiny TARDIS? More pictures for you to ogle at in glee and confusion, taken by Cardiff Instagrammer Colin Waymark, are behind the jump.

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Billie Piper Says She’d Totally Come Back To Doctor Who For David Tennant’s Alternate Doctor

Hello Sweetie

This story is in no way related to that Doctor Who porn parody we mentioned earlier.

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Things We Saw Today: Tech Support Gandalf, Our New Favorite Meme

"Tech Support Gandalf" sprung from the bowels of Reddit when a pic of a Gandalf-garbed Sir Ian McKellen on his MacBook turned up in r/pics. Neatorama has a blank version. Now go meme this mother up.

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Things We Saw Today: Adorable POP! Funko Ghostbusters Figures

Things We Saw Today

POP! Vinyl has a line of Ghostbusters figures coming out - how adorably ominous does this Stay Puft Marshmallow Man look?! He's actually larger than the others for better re-enactment possibilities. (via Firewire)

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UGG, These TARDIS Boot Slippers


Step away from UGG-style shoes, ThinkGeek. Though they actually do look pretty snuggly—. No. Step away. (via: GeekAlerts) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Watch the TARDIS Jukebox Play Chameleon Circuit’s “An Awful Lot of Running” [Video]

Spoiler alert: there is no running in the video.

When we first wrote about the Recycled TARDIS Jukebox back in November, geologist and TARDIS-maker David Prouty decided to thank us by asking us if we had any song requests. We suggested "An Awful Lot of Running" by Chameleon Circuit, a Time Lord Rock band, and the end result is pretty stupendous. Seriously, Alex Day should pay this guy.

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She Couldn’t Decide On Cosplaying A Dalek Or A TARDIS, So She Did Both At The Same Time

It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

And made one fantastic dress if I do say so. Cosplayed by Bewitched Raven, photography by CONography. (via Fashionably Geek) Previously in Doctor Who

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That’s No Cake, It’s a Space Station… Oh, Wait… No, That Is Actually a Cake

Oh, we're afraid the icing shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive.

A guy named Neal just had a birthday. You probably don't know Neal, but you should still wish him a happy birthday and check out the sweet cake his wife got for him. It depicts -- in cake form -- an epic space battle between some of the most iconic spaceships in geekdom. Neal, save us a slice?

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Things We Saw Today: Make Your Shower Bigger On the Inside

Things We Saw Today

You can pair this TARDIS shower curtain with your TARDIS shower organizer. (ThinkGeek, via Geek Universe)

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Things We Saw Today: A TARDIS For Your Shower

Things We Saw Today

I don't currently need a shower rack but man, would I have been all over this in college. (via Geek Alerts)

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