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Star Trek: The Original Series

Things We Saw Today: It’s The 51st Anniversary Of ‘The Trouble With Tribbles’

The most important episode probably.

As Captain Kirk navigates some Klingon troubles, he also must contend with the small, furry invaders who are eating everything and multiplying like bunnies all over his ship.

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How Star Trek Boldly Warped Away From Toxic Masculinity: The Original Series

Get your mansplaining, womanizer Kirk out of my face.

"The glory of creation is in its infinite diversity, and in the way our differences combine to create meaning and beauty."

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James Tiberius Kirk Is the Original Mary Sue

He and his pals are all Mary Sues, to be exact.

Nowadays, people tend to use Mary Sue as either a generalized term for a character who is too perfect and therefore underdeveloped, or, more often, a female character who dares to exist and be equal in skill and awesomeness to a male character. Rey from Star Wars is called a Mary Sue. Michael Burnham from Star Trek Discovery is called a Mary Sue. Everyone’s a Mary Sue. You know who else is a Mary Sue? Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the USS Enterprise.

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Star Trek‘s Nichelle Nichols Goes to Court Over Guardianship Issues

The iconic actress has been diagnosed with "moderate progressive dementia".

Sci-fi icon Nichelle Nichols, who made history as Lt. Uhura in the original Star Trek, is undergoing a legal battle regarding her guardianship and estate. The 85 year old actress was recently diagnosed with “moderate progressive dementia”, according to her her geriatrician. The doctor described Nichols’ condition as “major impairment of her short-term memory and […]

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Remember That Time Lucille Ball Saved Star Trek?

Why Trekkies everywhere should love Lucy.

Today would have been Lucille Ball's 107th birthday. The iconic redhead, best known for her groundbreaking sitcom I Love Lucy, was a television pioneer and inventor of the situation comedy. Ball is remembered for her comedic genius, but did you know that she singlehandedly saved Star Trek: The Original Series?

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Happy Birthday, Star Trek: An Ode to Growing Up Trekkie

On this day in 1966, Star Trek (now known as The Original Series, but back then it was just Star Trek, because who woulda thought, you know?) first aired on American television. I didn't come along until thirteen years later, and didn't start watching Star Trek until about eight years after that. But once I sat down to watch "The Trouble With Tribbles," I was hooked for life.

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Star Trek: Discovery Changing Roddenberry’s “No Conflict” Mandate. That’s Okay, So Did Roddenberry.

Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, had a very specific vision of the future. By the time Star Trek: The Next Generation rolled around, he insisted on a story mandate: the conflict can never be between our main characters, because in Starfleet, petty squabbles are a thing of the past. Which is weird, because on the Original Series, Spock and McCoy were all about petty squabbles, and Scotty would punch you in the face if you trash talked about the Enterprise.

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Things We Saw Today: “The Math of Khan” Explains the Math of Star Trek

"The Math of Khan," a presentation at the National Museum of Mathematics, examined some of Star Trek's most pressing mathematical questions, such as "Are red shirts more likely to die than other crew members?"

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“To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”: the Kobayashi Maru of Modern Masculinity

An examination of Spock’s Vulcanness as a metaphor for modern masculinity.

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“Charlie X”: 1966 Star Trek Episode Perfectly Demonstrates How to Deal With Donald Trump

With pundits acting like Donald Trump's rise is a brand new phenomenon, let's look back to a Star Trek episode that demystifies it and reveals him for exactly what he is: a childish bully.

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Obama Maintains Geek Cred While Talking Star Trek, Despite Not Knowing How Many Original Series Eps There Are

I love our geek President so, so much. Glimmers of his love for Star Trek have popped up throughout his administration. This time, WIRED Magazine asks President Obama about why he thinks Star Trek has endured, and he answers in the video after the jump.

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Facebook Celebrates Star Trek‘s 50th With Themed Reaction Buttons & Profile Frames

In case you hadn't already noticed from the celebrations all over the internet today, it's Star Trek's 50th Anniversary! Here's how to show your Star Trek pride while you're on Facebook today.

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The Smithsonian Team Restoring the USS Enterprise Miniature From Star Trek: The Original Series

Artisans at the the Smithsonian have restored the model of the USS Enterprise that was used in all 79 episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series. It's an incredibly satisfying watch.

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Lacking Time Machine, Scientists Study Heart Disease in the 24th Century Through Star Trek

Welcome, to the World of Tomorrow!

Can we study all future science through fiction about the future? Because I hear that we mastered eugenics in the '90s, maybe we could use that genetics knowledge to eradicate some cancers, etc.

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New Star Trek Jewelry From RockLove Debuts At NYCC 2014!

To bodly go where no bling has gone before.

Independent jewelry designers RockLove have just premiered some amazing licensed Star Trek items! Take a look!

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How Does Your Favorite Star Trek Series Fare on the Bechdel Test?

Which series fares best? Hint: It's WAY cool.

A little over a year ago, with the help of a few other Trekkies I met through Tumblr, I took on a huge but super-fun project: running each and every live-action Star Trek episode—from The Original Series through Enterprise—through the Bechdel Test.

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Never and Always Touching and Touched: Arlene Martel, Star Trek‘s T’Pring, Passes Away

Monday: Robin Williams. Yesterday evening: Lauren Bacall. Yesterday night: Arlene Martel, best known to Trekkers as T'Pring from The Original Series. Seriously, can this stop now? I'm starting to get worried about Patrick Stewart and/or Ian McKellen.

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NASA Addresses William Shatner as Captain, Updates Him on the ISS, Is This Real Life?

Captain's log: Checked in on NASA's quaint "space station."

Being the quintessential Starfleet Captain has its perks, including NASA addressing you as such and updating you on missions, apparently. Good to know the space program is keeping ol' Kirk in the loop.

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Green Girl Gets a Voice: the True Life Story of the Actress, Director, and Pilot Behind Star Trek’s Slave Girl

It's not easy being green.

Go to a Star Trek convention today and you're sure to find at least a couple of fans dressed up like an Orion slave girl; that first "green girl" started it all. Serious Trek fans will know the Orion "animal woman" is only one incarnation of the character Vina, and she's played by Susan Oliver, an actress who is the subject of a new documentary directed by George Pappy, edited by Amy Glickman Brown.

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Here’s What Happened at the “Women of Trek Fandom” Panel at Star Trek: Las Vegas!

"Ma'am" will do in a pinch, but they prefer "captain."

Walking the floor at Star Trek: Las Vegas, the world's largest Star Trek convention, you can see the tradition of active female Trek fans is alive and well. This year's "Women in Trek Fandom" panel, hosted by Mary Czerwinski of DVD Geeks and Glue Guns and Phasers, was a chance to reflect on how far we've come and what still needs to happen to achieve equality in fandom, as well as in terms of on-screen representations and behind-the-camera roles.

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