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Things We Saw Today: Neil Gaiman Gifts Us With Good Omens Series Pictures and a Lot of Terry Pratchett Emotions

Author Neil Gaiman shared pictures from the upcoming Good Omens BBC/Amazon miniseries and also paid homage to his co-author, the late, great word wizard Terry Pratchett.

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2015: The Year South Park Finally Got Old

If Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and South Park have always been better than almost anyone in the business at exactly one thing, it’s preventative self-defense. So it was with an ever-optimistic sense of “maybe they’re building to something I just don’t see yet” that I watched as the show’s most recent season play out with something feeling consistently … “off.” The characters, the creators (speaking through them), the philosophy, and the voice of the show suddenly sound so very old.

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Preview 13 Minutes of Gameplay From South Park: The Stick of Truth

I can't wait to be New Kid.

It's been delayed, but March 4th is quickly approaching and it looks like South Park: The Stick of Truth is actually coming out for real this time you guys. The developers have said they want the game to feel like watching an episode of South Park, and from this footage that's exactly what it looks like.

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Oh My God! They Delayed South Park: The Stick of Truth, Watch New Gameplay Trailer Anyway

You bastards.

We got an early look at South Park: The Stick of Truth at this year's New York Comic Con and we were looking forward to its December release, but that's no longer happening. The game's been delayed until 2014, but it's not all bad news. The new seven-minute "Giggling Donkey" gameplay trailer is pretty great.

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South Park Just Missed Their Deadline For The First Time Ever

On whose authorituh was this allowed to happen?

Anyone who's seen the documentary Six Days to Air can tell you that South Park's development schedule is notoriously tight; they often deliver episodes at the very last minute to keep them as current as possible. After 17 seasons it finally backfired on them for the first time, and last night's planned episode had to be postponed.

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There’s Nothing Funny About Voter Fraud, Except Maybe This Reddit Thread

When a video purporting to be of  a malfunctioning voting machine in Pennsylvania showed up earlier today, a pair of web-savvy CNN reporters were hot on the case, looking for assistance from the Reddit community in confirming the veracity of the video. That is some well-intentioned, shoe leather journalism...that went about exactly as well as you might expect. It probably didn't help that the two reporters in question go by the handles CNNkyle and CNN_eric, a fact that opened the door to a lot of South Park jokes, and that's just for starters.

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Good Television That Is Being Threatened From the Inside

Every year, there are a dozen or so shows on television that are cancelled or never make it to the point where they are even given the green light to begin. It’s more often that pilots are picked up and dum

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Book of Mormon to Get a Movie Adaptation… Eventually

old gods do new jobs

Good news for everybody out there who loves musical work of Matt Parker and Trey Stone and have already watched the South Park movie like a billion times. Also those who know they'll probably never get to see Book of Mormon, because even if they lived within reasonable distance of New York City, the show is sold out until doomsday and the national tour is a year away and will be just as difficult to get tickets for. Also, everybody who grabbed the Book of Mormon soundtrack as quickly as possible, knowing the above fact. They're going to make a Book of Mormon movie.

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Things We Saw Today: A Victory for Fanfiction

Things We Saw Today

So, we're like a month late on this one, but apparently as far as the actor and director were concerned, Remus Lupin was totally gay in Prisoner of Azkaban, just like in all the good Harry Potter fanfiction I've ever read?

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Shakespeare Might Have Made Fart Jokes


A blogger running a site called Shakesyear, where he blogs about reading every single work of Shakespeare and the book he's writing about it, seems to have come across a possible turn towards toilet humor. While the Bard was not shy about making sexual humor, was there evidence that he resorted to a fart joke? He might have -- in Hamlet. Yes, "the" Hamlet:

POLONIUS: The actors are come hither, my lord. HAMLET: Buzz, buzz. POLONIUS: Upon mine honour -- HAMLET: Then came each actor on his ass. Hamlet, Act II, Scene ii, lines 388–391
Is "Buzz, buzz" an Elizabethan raspberry sound? Immediately preceding a line about someone's "ass"? Let's explore this, shall we?

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Things We Saw Today: New Steampunk Star Wars Figures

Things We Saw Today

Here are just the latest interpretations of what the Star Wars cast would look like if they were battling the Sith in 1945. Although, Star Wars already takes place a "long time ago," but I guess in that "galaxy far, far away," things were more advanced than they were on Earth. (At Bit Rebels)

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South Park Does Inception

We called it: Though it's a few months after Inceptionmania swept the Internet and our personal lives, the Inception TV plot is now a thing, as we saw on last night's episode of South Park. Come for the South Park-style Cobb, Arthur, Yusuf, et al.: Stay for the randomly beatboxed Hans Zimmer Inception theme.

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Acclaim Circling the Drain

Good-night, sweet prince.

As of August 26th, 2010, anyone who visited Acclaim's website was greeted with a fairly solemn message stating all of their games will no longer be in service.

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Rock Band 3 Slowly but Surely Morphing into a Test of Actual Musical Competence

You know that old South Park gag about how people who are really good at Guitar Hero tend not to be any good at playing actual guitars, and vice versa? Well, the latest confirmed changes in Rock Band 3 indicate that the game is moving closer and closer to a test of the sort of competence that we associate with real-world musicians. While you'll still be able to noodle away on your five-button guitar and hear Megadeth or Rush songs blasting from your screen in all their glory, the two new instrument additions are a good deal more complicated: A 22-button MIDI keyboard, and a 102-button fully functional guitar for "Rock Band Pro" mode.

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Futurama Characters, South Park-Style [Pics]

DeviantARTist Moosecake has done a nice job of reworking the humanoid members of the Futurama crew as South Park characters. (Although as one commenter astutely points out, they're all children. Creepy.) Incidentally, just today, Comedy Central Insider released the first teaser still from the first episode of the much-anticipated Futurama relaunch, which will air on Thursday, June 24th. Spoiler alert: It involves skeletons. Even Scruffy's.

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The Simpsons Stand Behind South Park with Help of Bart’s Chalkboard [Video]

The Simpsons and South Park have made fun of each other in the past, but tonight's Simpsons opened with a quick but touching show of inter-cartoon support, courtesy of Bart's chalkboard.

In response to the controversy over the most recent South Park episode, #201 -- in which Comedy Central heavily censored the content of the episode that screened on-air and refused to broadcast it online due to death threats South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone received over their depiction of Muhammed in a bear suit -- Bart's chalkboard read "South Park - We'd Stand Beside You If We Weren't So Scared."

Video after the jump:

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South Park Episode 201 Censored after “Threats” over Muhammad Depiction

Anyone watching South Park last night may have noticed that there were at least a few more audio bleeps than usual, as well as some unfamiliar censorship blocks. That's because, as the New York Times reports, the subject matter is making for some warmer water than South Park Studios is typically used to, thanks in large part to their depiction of the Prophet Muhammad. Last week, South Park aired their 200th episode. Without getting too into the plot details, the episode sent up a number of past storylines and controversies, most notably the depiction of the Islamic Prophet. Bear suits were involved. You get the idea. Though it wasn't the Prophet's first appearance, it was, however, the first time an episode resulted in what are being called death threats toward series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

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Real-Life South Park in the Netherlands: Terrifying? [Video]

Where to even begin? After watching this live-action international promo for South Park's 14th season, I can't help but wonder: How much must they have paid those kids to have Kenny splattered all over them? Real-life South Park action after the jump:

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12-Year-Old FarmVille User on the Hook for More than $1300

Last night's South Park took on the Facebook obsession and wryly referenced FarmVille -- some might say they were a little late on both scores -- but just like that, the real world furnishes us with some FarmVille news that also recalls South Park's infamous World of Warcraft episode. A 12-year-old boy in the UK amassed a debt of more than £900 ($1367) buying in-game FarmVille supplies, wiping out his savings account of £288 and then draining £625 more from his mother's credit card without her knowledge. And Zynga, the oft-vilified company behind FarmVille, refuses to forgive the debt:

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