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Book of Mormon to Get a Movie Adaptation… Eventually

old gods do new jobs

Good news for everybody out there who loves musical work of Matt Parker and Trey Stone and have already watched the South Park movie like a billion times.

Also those who know they’ll probably never get to see Book of Mormon, because even if they lived within reasonable distance of New York City, the show is sold out until doomsday and the national tour is a year away and will be just as difficult to get tickets for.

Also, everybody who grabbed the Book of Mormon soundtrack as quickly as possible, knowing the above fact.

They’re going to make a Book of Mormon movie.

Unfortunately, it’s not in the cards for a while. From Entertainment Weekly:

“Hopefully it will have a big run and a big tour and then we can do the movie in several years,” says Parker, who penned the musical with Stone and Avenue Q co-writer Robert Lopez.

Fortunately, Parker and Stone’s prior experience and connections in the movie industry (not just on South Park but Orgazmo and Team America: World Police) will allow them to pretty much do whatever they want in it. The South Park movie and Team America were both produced by Scott Rudin, who Parker and Stone say they would tap to produce The Book of Mormon, and since they’re already written and directed for Hollywood, those roles are taken care of as well.

All we can say is good luck and godspellspeed. Mostly we’re excited that we can just sit around and eventually receive The Book of Mormon. Hey! We could have it delivered when it comes out on DVD, and then get it when someone rings our doorbell. This sounds familiar.

(via Pajiba.)

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