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Tim Miller on Board for Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Instead of Deadpool 2, Because, Why.

Life is full of mysteries. One of those mysteries is why Tim Miller would choose to depart Deadpool 2 over "creative differences" and then, within days of that decision, hop on board the creative team for Sony's Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

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Old-School Sonic Mania Is Coming for Sonic’s 25th Anniversary

Enjoy your future. It's gonna be great.

Sonic the Hedgehog is 25 years old this year, and the blue bur is getting two new games to celebrate—even though they won't see release until 2017. In a fitting tribute to a character who's found limited success in modern times, Sonic Mania will take the series back to its roots and give the fans the 2D, sidescrolling Sonic sequel they've been waiting for.

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Limbo Free on Steam, Sonic Games Cheap on Humble Bundle Right Now

The prices are ... a little bit lower now.

Sonic the Hedgehog was released 25 years ago tomorrow (June 23), and to celebrate, SEGA's got a huge package of Sonic games on Humble Bundle including old classics and newer titles. The deal only launched recently, so the price to get the most games for your buck is still pretty low, and you get to give to charity! Go fast!

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Things We Saw Today: Mama Tiger Shows Off Baby Tigers to the World

This video's everything you'd expected it'd be: a big mama tiger being a mama tiger to some lil tiger cubs.

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Prepare Yourself: There’s a Live-Action Sonic Movie In the Works

Ours is not to wonder why. Ours is just to watch the live-action Sonic movie that Sega has announced.

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We’ve Got the Closest Thing to Proof That Michael Jackson Composed for Sonic 3

Gotta moonwalk fast.

If you've played Sonic the Hedgehog 3, you've probably noticed that the game's music is awesome. What you may not have noticed is that it's not just better than, but noticeably different from the music in other Sonic games on Sega Genesis. As it turns out, that's probably because it was the only one composed by Michael Jackson.

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Sonic Goes Retro for 25th Anniversary, May Be Getting a Surprise New Game

Gotta go fast ... enough to turn back time.

With Sega's attempt at revamping Sonic the Hedgehog with "Sonic Boom" games and TV shows not going so well, it's refreshing to see the gaming company bring the character back to his retro roots with his 25th anniversary logo. Yes, Sonic is 25 in 2016, and it seems there may be a previously unknown Sonic game on the way.

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Sega Wants to Make Sonic Good Again and Win Back Fans, We Cross Everything Available

Yes, young gamers, gather 'round and hear the story of how once, Mario and Sonic were direct, formidable competitors for the king of video games. However, when Mario made the (triple) jump to 3D, his gameplay evolved and set a new standard, whereas Sonic struggled to find a successful formula that fit that extra dimension. Now, after a string of lackluster releases and a fall from grace, Sega wants to make Sonic games good again and win back lost fans.

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Meet Hedgehog, NASA’s Cute New Cube Bot Comet Explorer

Gotta go fast~

NASA's developed a brand new type of bot that they want to use to explore comets. Called Hedgehog, it consists of a cube body which contains all the instruments any science bot would need on-the-go. But most intriguing is how it moves around.

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Things We Saw Today: Sonic the Hedgehog Theme on Keytar!

Talk about a Sonic jam.

YouTuber Rush Coil recently posted a video of him recreating the theme from the first stage of Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Bad Photoshop Theater Presents: 10 Movies Benedict Cumberbatch Hasn’t Been Rumored For


Benedict. Cumberbatch. Is. Everywhere. Sherlock. Star Trek. The Hobbit. That Oscarbait biopic that's going to make you cry. And if he's not there, he at one point was rumored to be there, as in the cases of Star Wars, Doctor Strange, and Batman v Superman. But there are still some movies that he hasn't been linked to, because even Mr. Working-On-10-Different-Projects-At-a-Time can't do everything. Here are ten of them.

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New Gamescom Trailer for Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog Reboot Sonic Boom Still Looks Awful

Quick! More fuel for the reboot machine!

Sega released another trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog reboot Sonic Boom at Gamescom, and it looks pretty much like you'd have expected. Unless you were expecting it to look good, in which case you've likely got much larger problems than being wrong about this trailer.

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Some Of These Pop-Culture Characters Are Out Of Character (And That’s OK)

eye candy

Others are perfectly in character. And that's ok too. Louis Roskosch seems to have a lot of fun illustrating our favorite characters from video games, comics, and more. Check out his work and you may even find yourself a new t-shirt (or 10).

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Today In Hollywood Remakes, Reboots, and Spinoffs: The Lion King, The Magic School Bus, and Sonic the Hedgehog

Things to Do With Your Kids

It's taken a few years longer than I expected for Hollywood to realize "Hey, we haven't done a live action/CG hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog movie yet!" But it happened. I wonder what the furries, who infamously comprise a significant percentage of the Sonic fandom, have to say about this?

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I’m Sorry For What These Gloomy Video Game Characters Are About To Do To Your Feelings

I'm In A Glass Case of Emotion

Toad, Toad, come here. You're my go-to guy in Mario Kart. You're Princess Peach's right-hand shroom. We've all had days like that, buddy. It's going to be okay. Artist Christopher Hemsworth is the fiendish mind behind these. Click through for more 16-bit angst. Prints are available at Society6. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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Find Out What It’s Like To Speed Around From Sonic’s POV With The Oculus Rift

Spoiler alert: it's pukey.

So we've established that you're probably going to suck at virtual reality gaming for a while - you need to stop getting motion sick long enough to, you know, actually play. Here's a game for the Oculus that will definitely not help with that - it's Sonic the Hedgehog. In first-person.

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The New Sonic Game Looks Goofy as Sh**… and Then the Dubstep Happens

Someone tell Knuckles to put down the `roids.

Let the trailer for the new Sonic the Hedgehog reboot, Sonic Boom, leave you feeling like a confused old person. The new character designs are really weird looking in 3D, and Knuckles looks like some kind of `roided out fan art. Then the dubstep kicks in. You can almost hear Sega begging the younger generation to get on board.

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Things We Saw Today: Dragon Skeleton Dress

Things We Saw Today

The above fashion triumph was worn by Taiwanese singer Mei, about whom I know nothing other than she went to a performance of the New Japan Philharmonic once and she has excellent taste in dresses. (Fashionably Geek)

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Sonic Lost World’s Dialogue is Pretty Dark, Apparently

Still doing what Nintendon't all these years later.

Ever since Sonic Colors ended the so-called Dark Age of Sonic, the series has returned to a decidedly cartoonish, light-hearted tone. Sonic Lost World, the upcoming Wii U game, looked to continue that trend, but due to certain bits of dialogue it's been given an E10+ rating by the ESRB as opposed to the usual E. I suspect it was written by Shadow the Hedgehog now that he's out of the spotlight.

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Try Not to Get Nauseous Watching First Person Sonic The Hedgehog [Video]

So would Tails' POV be kinda like Google Earth in comparison?

It seems like all the biggest games that come out right now are all designed to be in the first person. Wouldn't it be nice to go back to the time of side-scrollers? Or, you know, take those side-scrollers we all loved as kids and update them in the most dizzy-inducing way possible? Because that's what Filipe Costa did. It's like virtual those roller coaster videos, but better!

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