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Poor Sonic! Twitter Just Discovered How a Hedgehog Gets an X-Ray

We saw this so now you have to too.

Sonic goes through plenty of adventures and stress in his time as a superfast blue hedgehog. His escapades have even led to him needing vet attention in Sonic the Hedgehog, but he should count himself lucky he never had to get an X-ray. Plus, his fast healing powers and regeneration (in-game) should excuse him from ever needing formal healthcare (wish he would share some of that around).

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Twitter has just discovered exactly how hedgehogs need to be X-rayed and it’s … quite frankly horrifying.

Presumably the position is to protect veterinary staff from getting spiked by the hog’s spines and to keep the little guy still, but it looks far from comfortable. Plus, I’ve never really considered the colour of hedgehog skin before. Why is so pink that it looks raw? There’s a lot to unpack here.

To make matters worse, the hedgehog pictured here has its mouth open and I can only assume it’s calling for help. When the hedgehogs rise up and take over the world, the animal radiographers will be first on their list.

We can only hope that Sonic’s vaguely humanoid form would mean that he doesn’t need to go through this process—but if he goes, we only have the greatest of sympathies for him. Godspeed Sonic, run like the wind to get away from X-ray teams and their tape.

Other Twitter users were also quick to compare the process to how human babies are X-rayed:

Basically, we’ve now learned that any creature that can be trusted to hold still of its own accord will be forcibly held still—but for their own good, of course. I didn’t think there would ever be anything to compare between babies and hedgehogs but somehow they do have the exact same look of shock and betrayal.

(featured image: Paramount Pictures)

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