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Things We Saw Today: The Premiere of RocketJump: The Show

Rad ladies making rad things.

At New York Comic Con earlier this year we had the chance to talk to Ashly Burch and Lauren Haroutunian, just two of the incredible creators behind Hulu's new series RocketJump: The Show, premiering today.

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Star Wars Adds First LGBTQ Character to the New Canon

This will be a day long remembered.

Yub fucking nub: not only does Star Wars now have canonically female stormtroopers, but Paul Kemp's upcoming book Lords of the Sith is also about to introduce the first official LGBTQ character to the new canon.

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Khal Drogo Is A Darth Raki In This Star Wars/Game Of Thrones Mashup

I will make it legal!

Full disclosure: I stole "Darth Raki" from io9 commenter, TheGreatApe. It was just too good. Anyway, DeviantArt user JB Casacop put together this incredible meeting of Star Wars and Game of Thrones. They said we can look forward to more Star Wars: The Throne Wars and my body is totally ready. (via io9) Previously in Game Of Thrones 

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Sith And Jedi Join Forces In This Star Wars Engagement Photoset

I will make it legal!

Never have we viewed such love between Sith and Jedi. Photographer Michael James shot an epic story of adversaries who battle, battle, battle some more and then fall hopelessly in love with each other. Makes as much sense as anything in the Star Wars universe. But what a second, aren't Jedi supposed to avoid romantic relationships? Who cares, these pictures are fantastic and we wish them the best.

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Disney Princesses As Sith Warriors

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

DeviantARTist JosephB222 has done the awesome and turned Disney princesses into Sith warriors. The results are kickass. True, Ariel is a bit more exposed than we'd assume a Sith warrior would be, but check out this otherwise excellent mashup after the jump.

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Darth Vader Robs A Bank [Update: Possibly Military-Trained]

It's true, the financial crisis has been tough on all of us. The world's economic climate has found itself in troubling times—might I even say ... dark ... times? Now it seems even Darth Vader, master of the dark side of the Force, isn't invulnerable to the volatile dips and dives of the market: Yesterday, the Sith Lord was lowered to robbing a bank on Long Island.

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