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Sith And Jedi Join Forces In This Star Wars Engagement Photoset

I will make it legal!

Never have we viewed such love between Sith and Jedi. Photographer Michael James shot an epic story of adversaries who battle, battle, battle some more and then fall hopelessly in love with each other. Makes as much sense as anything in the Star Wars universe. But what a second, aren’t Jedi supposed to avoid romantic relationships? Who cares, these pictures are fantastic and we wish them the best.

James spoke with Peta Pixel about the photo series. “The couple approached me about their engagement shoot, wanting something a little more traditional (suit, tie, dress, etc.) on the beach, but as we talked, we figured out that while I’m more of a Trekkie, their love of all things Star Wars totally surpassed my love of Star Trek,” he said. “So we incorporated their ideas into the shoot.”

“I didn’t think the bride-to-be would actually wear the make-up,” said the photographer, “but she seriously showed her true colors and went for it. In fact, they were late because she didn’t know if she could go outside of her house with the make-up on, but I’m glad she did. It totally made the pictures.

“The shoot was shot in the Santa Cruz Mountains,” said James. “Mountain bikers and hikers passed us and everyone thought it was great.” You can check out the entire set at Michael James Photography. Could there be a Padawan photoshoot in their future?

(via Geekologie)

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