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A Tale of Two Davids: Ayer in Talks for Scarface Reboot and Lynch on New Twin Peaks Episodes

In the continual rehashing of things you loved back in the day, Scarface is next on the list but early details make it sound promising.

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I Don’t Know If I’m Ready to Return to Twin Peaks

What I want and what I need are two different things, Audrey.

A new teaser trailer for Showtime's Twin Peaks revival has me wondering if you can ever really go home to the uncanny town in Washington state again.

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Check Out the First Glimpse of Agent Dale Cooper in New Teaser For Showtime’s Twin Peaks

With the new Twin Peaks coming to Showtime (not to mention Riverdale, which seems to want to be Twin Peaks, Jr.), I feel like I should probably give the original another whirl. The vibe of the marketing we've seen so far, including the teaser after the jump, has me intrigued.

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Things We Saw Today: Hidden Figures Beat Out Rogue One to Become #1 Movie in America

Black girls rock.

For anyone doubting diversity, it's time to have a seat. Hidden Figures is the number one movie in the country after raking in $22.8 million, thus dethroning Rogue One and exceeding expectations in the process.

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Emmy Rossum Wins Pay Dispute, Shameless Renewed For Eighth Season, Hollywood a Slightly Better Place

Last week, we reported on Emmy Rossum's pay dispute with Showtime and Warner Bros. Television, which left a renewal of Showtime's hit show, Shameless, hanging in the balance. Well, today, there's some excellent news for Rossum, for Shameless, and for the fight against a gendered wage gap.

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[UPDATED]: Emmy Rossum Halts Renewal on Showtime’s Shameless to Fight For Equal Pay

It's thrilling to watch as more and more women in Hollywood are standing up to gender inequality in all forms, from hiring to the wage gap. The latest of these is Shameless Emmy Rossum, who's in a unique and privileged position to set an important precedent.

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Twin Peaks Cast Talks Return to Series

We get glimpses of both the old and the new cast members!

Given that the series has already wrapped filming, could it be safe to assume that a trailer chock full of brand new footage is on the way?

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Well, Dang. Last Night’s Season Finale of Penny Dreadful Was Also the Last Episode Ever.

To have belief in anything with such confidence is heroic.

Spoilers for Penny Dreadful "The Blessed Dark" to follow! For real!

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Things We Saw Today: Penny Dreadful Season 3 Trailer

Are you excited for the return of Penny Dreadful? Showtime released a trailer for Season 3 today over at their YouTube channel. Enjoy! Penny Dreadful returns May 1st.

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Sherilyn Fenn is Returning to Twin Peaks

It's too dreamy.

Fenn joins her former co-star Kyle Maclachlan, who will be returning as Special Agent Dale Cooper--fans of the show will recall Cooper and Audrey having something of a will-they-won't-they vibe way back when. According to reports, Fenn will have a "major presence" on the show as Audrey this time around.

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New Twin Peaks Footage Is Finally Here and Suitably Haunting

That's a damn blurry man.

If I were Showtime I probably wouldn't have chosen this particular week to present some new Twin Peaks footage, but David Lynch does what David Lynch wants, Star Wars be damned.

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Street Artists Protest Racist Portrayals of Arabs on Showtime’s Homeland Through Subversive Set Design

It's not news that Homeland has faced criticism for for perpetuating negative stereotypes of Muslims and Arabs, as well as its inaccuracy with regard to the terrorists depicted on the show. Well, three Arab street artists that were employed for "authenticity" to create graffiti on a Syrian refugee camp set decided to use the opportunity to make a statement, and the fact that they got away with it pretty much shines a spotlight on the show's race problem.

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The Man From Another Planet Boogies Down in New Twin Peaks Teaser

I've got good news.

A teaser for the new season of Twin Peaks is here! Yes, this is all old footage, but it's also proof that it's really and truly happening again!

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Things We Saw Today: Damn Fine Concept Art

The coffee is not what it seems.

“Shooting starts in September. The donut truck is loaded late August. A coffee cup will indeed come through a window."

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Penny Dreadful Review: “And Hell Itself My Only Foe”

In which the wolfman hits the fan.

It's already the penultimate episode of Penny Dreadful season two (time flies when you're being chased by satanic witches!), and things are not going great for our lil' scooby gang.

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Penny Dreadful Review: “Memento Mori”

In which Nice Guy John Clare takes it up a notch.

Honestly, what just happened?

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Showtime Is Now the First Premium Service to Come to Hulu; Also to Launch Their Own Streaming Service in July


If you're like me, and are a fan of Masters of Sex, Homeland, or any of Showtime's other offerings but have cut down on cable, because cable is too damn expensive and why the hell should I pay more for certain channels and be forced to get channels I don't even want or need as part of a package just so I can watch my Doctor Who?! have we got good news for you! Showtime is now the first Premium Cable channel to come to Hulu.

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Showtime Renews Penny Dreadful for Third Season

It's on, Dreadfuls!

We know, we know. If you didn't already love Showtime's Penny Dreadful, you were likely wooed by Sam Maggs' on-point recaps. Either way, you have reason to be excited. Penny Dreadful was just renewed for a third season!

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Penny Dreadful Review: “Little Scorpion”

In which Vanessa and Ethan play house.

Did you think that just because I was leaving The Mary Sue I was going to abandon you in the middle of a season of Penny Dreadful? Well think again, because someone has to call out Nice Guy John Clare on the internet, and that person is darn well going to be me.

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Penny Dreadful Review: “Glorious Horrors”

In which Dorian makes consistently poor choices.

Seriously, has no one told Dorian that the punishment for someone suspecting that you're sleeping with another dude is pretty severe? Like, death penalty severe? Keeping in mind, of course, that "trans women are women" was not so universally accepted in the 1890s?

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