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Things We Saw Today: T. rex Dinosaurs Couldn’t Run, So Jurassic Park Flat-Out LIED To Me

Jurassic Park was a lie!!!

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2016: The Movie Trailer Parody Turns This Terrible Year Into an Eerily Believable Horror Movie

Come on. We were all thinking it.

Despite arguments that 2016 isn't actually the worst year ever, it certainly hasn't been good, and many of the things that have transpired would be hard to believe even in fiction, let alone real life. If there's one genre where it all works surprisingly well, though, it's horror, and this 2016: The Movie parody trailer is a pretty accurate depiction of how we'll all probably remember this year.

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Samsung Lights the Funeral Pyre for the Galaxy Note 7. It’s Officially Discontinued, Folks

Rest in peace, Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It's been real! Real dangerous, that is.

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Samsung’s Replacements for the Galaxy Note 7 Are Still Catching on Fire

At this point, I'm actually starting to feel bad for Samsung. Well, as bad as anyone can feel for a massive corporation that is probably going to be fine, eventually... nonetheless, they've been having a pretty tough year.

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Why Does Hulu Think Anyone Wants to Watch Comedy and News Programs in Virtual Reality?

Immerse yourself... in the news cycle.

Hulu had to figure out some sort of content to put into their new VR app that works with the Samsung Gear virtual reality headset, and so they've partnered with Huffington Post’s RYOT Studios to put together some comedy shows and some news programs designed for VR.

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Samsung’s Quest to Beat the iPhone Led the Galaxy Note 7 to Blow Up (Literally)

Who's to blame for the fact that millions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones have gotten recalled from customers, due to the fact that some of them have exploded? ... Apple! Okay, not really. It's Samsung's fault for rushing their launch ahead of the iPhone 7 release.

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Things We Saw Today: This Guy Says His Galaxy Note 7 Exploded & Lit His Car On Fire

Here's one in the Weird Internet category: Nathan Dornacher, a Florida resident, posted a public Facebook gallery today of his car in a fiery blaze. The likely cause? Dornacher thinks his phone exploded.

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Samsung Recalling Millions of Galaxy Note 7 Phones Because of Batteries Catching Fire

Only a few reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones have come in so far since the device's release on August 19, but the preferred number of exploding phones is zero. Samsung would rather be safe than sorry, so they've put out a global recall of the Note 7, which accounts for millions of devices worldwide.

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Samsung’s Smart TV Now Puts Pepsi Ads in People’s Personal Videos

Would you say these Pepsi ads are popping up... out of the blue?

Call it off, everyone. We found a way in which we don't want TV to be more like the Internet. Shut it down.

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Hello, 1984: Samsung Is Literally Warning Customers That Their TVs Listen in on Personal Conversations

You're about 30 years late, Samsung.

It's 2015! Hoverboards? Flying cars? No, but we've got telescreens. Yay?

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Samsung Proves Its Robot Butts Are Better Than Apple’s in Hilarious Phone Bend Test Demonstration

Samsung has phone bending down. They're well on their way to avatar status.

If you want to test whether or not being sat on by puny, inferior human butts will bend today's giant smartphones, you're going to need a robot butt. Apple and Samsung both have custom robutts that tirelessly, mercilessly test countless smartphones by getting all butt-dial on them, and it looks like Samsung has the better butt.

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Samsung’s “It Doesn’t Take a Genius” Ads Mocking Apple’s Announcements Sure Didn’t Take Long

I only wish these weren't so accurate.

In the world of computers, Apple may still be able to play the scrappy underdog card, but in the mobile arena, they're the ones attracting the attack ads from those who would challenge their dominance. Samsung wasted no time throwing together this "It Doesn't Take a Genius" ad series mocking all the fairly mockable moments from Apple's iPhone 6/Apple Watch announcement stream on Tuesday. (Full series of ads after the jump.)

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Samsung Turns the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Into an Ad, Makes Us Cringe


Look, people have their own opinions on the ALS ice bucket challenge. I personally think it's doing a great job at bringing attention to a good cause and can't fault it or anyone who participates, and it's also entertaining, which only helps spread the word. I've heard complaints that people focus more on the ice bucket aspect than they do on remembering what it's for, but this Samsung video is the first time I've actually felt like I was seeing an ad instead of a charity effort.

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Things We Saw Today: Who Needs Hogsmeade, Oreo May Have A Butterbeer Flavor

If these taste remotely like rootbeer I'm calling shenanigans.

Someone alerted us to these cookies via e-mail, but there's no confirmation yet from Nabisco if this package is real or just photoshopped by someone with a Mirror of Erised.

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Yes, Apple Had an Employee Named Sam Sung, Of Course He’s Auctioning His Uniform for Charity

Samsung's double-agent codename game needs work.

How was this guy not the first person Apple questioned when they started their patent war with Samsung? Maybe he's the reason they're calling it off, because he forged a unity between the two sides as he worked together with Apple in harmony at the Apple store. Sam Sung has moved on to bigger and better screens things, so he's auctioning off his Apple business card and uniform for charity.

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Mockingjay: Part 1 Trailer to Debut on 8.4 Inch Screen at SDCC as Part of Bizarre Partnership With Samsung

Unity. Prosperity. SDCC.

The Hunger Games won't have a panel at SDCC this year, but fans in attendance can still get a peek at Mockingjay: Part 1. The trailer will be introduced in San Diego by as-yet-unnamed cast members, but it won't be screened in Hall H. Instead, the new look at one of this year's most anticipated releases will be revealed on the 8.4 inch screen of a Galaxy Tab S as part of a collaboration between Samsung and Lionsgate. President Snow would probably be proud.

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Good Guy Samsung Sent Me a New Battery After Giving Me a Crappy One at SXSW

Hey! A company did a nice thing!

This isn't sponsored content or an ad. I'm just excited, surprised, and grateful that it happened. After giving me a dud of a battery at SXSW, Samsung mailed me a new one with some extras to make up for it. I complain online when companies screw me, so it's only fair I call one out when they do something great like this.

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Samsung Doubles Down on Apple Attack Ads by Mocking the iPad Air “Pencil Commercial”

I can't wait for the pencil industry's responding attack!

Samsung released a second attack ad on Apple today, this time mocking their memorable "Pencil Commercial" for the iPad Air. Like the Note 3 vs. iPhone 5S commercial we saw earlier, this one is all about size. This time they're comparing the thinness of the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 to the iPad Air. Samsung seems really, Really focused on size lately.

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Samsung Calls Out Apple and Its Tiny Screens in Latest Ad Comparing the Note 3 to the iPhone 5S

The 5S looks almost adorable next to the Note 3. Like a cute lil' baby phone.

Often when companies try to crap on their competition it can seem childish and petty, but I think Samsung is pretty good at it--particularly when they're crapping on Apple like in this new ad comparing the Galaxy Note 3 to the iPhone 5S. It even has real basketballman LeBron James.

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[Product Review] Goodbye, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, You’ve Ruined All Other Phones for Me You Beautiful Machine

It's normal to cry when you send back a review unit of a phone, right?

Three weeks ago Samsung sent me a review unit of their giant Galaxy Note 3 "phablet" (Please. Someone come up with a better word.) Today I have to send it back, and it's breaking my heart. The Note 3 is a wonderful device. Here's why.

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