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Samsung’s “It Doesn’t Take a Genius” Ads Mocking Apple’s Announcements Sure Didn’t Take Long

I only wish these weren't so accurate.


In the world of computers, Apple may still be able to play the scrappy underdog card, but in the mobile arena, they’re the ones attracting the attack ads from those who would challenge their dominance. Samsung wasted no time throwing together this “It Doesn’t Take a Genius” ad series mocking all the fairly mockable moments from Apple’s iPhone 6/Apple Watch announcement stream on Tuesday.

I can’t really blame them, because man was that Apple Watch announcement about as boring as watching someone demonstrate how to watch paint dry. They also poke fun at the livestream glitches, which—though unrelated to which company makes better phones—were a pretty embarrassing problem for Apple.

So go ahead and enjoy a few jokes at Apple’s expense. They can take it. They’ll just have to dry their eyes on the piles of money the iPhone 6 is going to make them. Raise your flame shields in the comments section, folks.

(via UPROXX, image via Samsung Mobile)

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