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Samsung Turns the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Into an Ad, Makes Us Cringe


Look, people have their own opinions on the ALS ice bucket challenge. I personally think it’s doing a great job at bringing attention to a good cause and can’t fault it or anyone who participates, and it’s also entertaining which only helps spread the word. I’ve heard complaints that people focus more on the ice bucket aspect than they do on remembering what it’s for, but this Samsung video is the first time I’ve actually felt like I was seeing an ad instead of a charity effort.

I mean, I was even kind of OK with Charlie Sheen’s video in which he made a big deal about dumping $10,000 on his head, because at least he was donating a pile of money and directly calling for other celebrities to do the same. Samsung, too, has made a sizeable donation to the Motor Neurone Disease Association:

And that’s great, but the call for other big tech rivals to do the same is clearly second to their desire to use the challenge as an attack ad about their water resistant Galaxy S5 design. This is one time I sincerely hope that those challenged forgo the video and just make a donation. Here, why not take the money you might’ve spent on an S5 and just donate it straight to the fight against ALS instead?

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