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Things We Saw Today: This Guy Says His Galaxy Note 7 Exploded & Lit His Car On Fire

Here’s one in the Weird Internet category: Nathan Dornacher, a Florida resident, posted a public Facebook gallery today of his car in a fiery blaze. The likely cause? Dornacher thinks it’s his Galaxy Note 7, which was plugged into the charger in the vehicle; Samsung has been recalling these phones because of reports that the batteries can explode. If Dornacher’s correct about the cause of the fire, then, yeah, Samsung, please do recall all of those phones. (via The Next Web)

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  • Did you know that Shia LaBeouf was almost in Suicide Squad? He very nearly got the role that Tom Hardy also very nearly had, which ended up going to Joel Kinnaman. (via Wired)
  • James Cameron is still making those Avatar sequels. He’s finally started to share a few details about them, as well as a target release date, which is Christmas 2018.
  • Today’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary has already brought us plenty of cool facts already, and here’s a little more: Majel Barrett, who voiced Starfleet’s computer in all of the TV seasons of Star Trek and in several of the films, could end up serving that role yet again on Star Trek: Discovery. Barrett passed away in 2008, but she actually recorded an entire library of phonetic sounds, meaning that her voice could continue to be used as the computer in future generations of Star Trek as needed. (via Nerdist)
  • Stranger Pugs: here’s a video of Doug the Pug, dressed as all of the characters from Stranger Things! Awwww.

What’d you see out there today?

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