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Samsung Proves Its Robot Butts Are Better Than Apple’s in Hilarious Phone Bend Test Demonstration

Samsung has phone bending down. They're well on their way to avatar status.


If you want to test whether or not being sat on by puny, inferior human butts will bend today’s giant smartphones, you’re going to need a robot butt. Apple and Samsung both have custom robutts that tirelessly, mercilessly test countless smartphones by getting all butt-dial on them, but it looks like Samsung has the better butt.

Apple has claimed that they’ve received less than ten complaints of bent iPhone 6 Pluses, but maybe that’s because everyone’s too busy tweeting about it, blogging about it, and then buying a different brand of phone to drop Apple a line? So, Apple released a video last week showing how they bend-test their phones and how the iPhone 6 plus is totally fine, everyone, they swear. And the robot butts made their first appearance:

Many have decried hipster Apple fans’ skinny jeans as the cause of in-pocket bending, but judging by the Samsung video, the jeans are the key to a safe phone. Plus, they make the robot butt way more entertaining than just a curved battering ram. Come on, Apple. Bend it like Samsung.

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