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Woman Attacked by Louise Linton on Instagram Responds With Wisdom & “Hunanity,” Just as Linton Suggested

In her Instagram rant, Louise Linton suggested Jennifer Miller write "a nice message, one filled with wisdom and hunanity (sic) ..." She probably wasn't expecting Miller to do exactly that.

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The Woman Arrested for Laughing at Jeff Sessions Just Had Her Conviction Thrown Out

For those of us who were terrified by the idea of living in a country where you could be arrested for laughing, there's some good news today. Desiree Fairooz, the Code Pink activist who was arrested and subsequently convicted of disruptive conduct after laughing during Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing, has had her conviction thrown out.

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Nine U.S. States Have Joined A Climate Alliance To Protect the Planet And Uphold the Paris Agreement

Think globally, act locally.

The governors of nine U.S. states - California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington- have joined the U.S. Climate Alliance, a coalition that pledges its members to uphold the tenets of the Paris Agreement.

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This Lovely “Resistance Necklace” Raises Money For Planned Parenthood

Brooklyn-based Arcana Obscura, which specializes in jewelry "for the weird at heart," makes pieces that are esoteric, inspired, and unerringly beautiful. Now emerges a necklace that signifies resistance to Trump and his ilk, with half the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. This is a win-win situation.

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These Are The Two Heroes Who Died Defending Muslim Women From A White Supremacist

Ricky Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche were stabbed to death on the Portland MAX after they defended female passengers from a white supremacist's anti-Muslim hate speech.

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#RESIST: Notre Dame Students Plan To Walk Out on Mike Pence’s Commencement Speech

Students are planning their own protest for scheduled commencement speaker, Mike Pence.

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Want to Avoid Jail Time? Amber Ruffin Teaches Us How Not to Laugh at Jeff Sessions

61-year-old activist Desiree Fairooz was convicted of disorderly conduct on Friday for laughing at Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing. Fortunately, Amber Ruffin on Late Night with Seth Meyers  hosted a segment called "How Not to Laugh at Jeff Sessions," giving us all kinds of advice on how to avoid similar slip-ups.

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Today’s Dystopia News: A Woman Is Facing Up to a Year in Prison After Being Found Guilty of Laughing

Here. This happened here.

A woman is facing up to a year in prison for laughing at a claim that Attorney General Jeff Sessions treats "all Americans equally under the law."

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It’s a Handmaid’s Tale Holiday: Our First May Day Living in This IRL Gilead

We intend to survive.

Mayday is a password into the resistance of Gilead. So how will you be spending May Day in this current near-dystopia?

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Trump Supporters Are Really Mad Over The Man In the High Castle‘s Fake Anti-Nazi Radio Program

If you take criticism of ACTUAL NAZIS personally, please take a look at your choices.

Amazon created the #ResistanceRadio program as a promotion for The Man in the High Castle, but a bunch of Trump supporters thought it was real, and boy are they mad.

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The LA Pride Parade Will Be a Resist Protest This Year

Pride parades have always been rooted in protest, but the Los Angeles (LA) Pride Parade is making it official this year. In solidarity with the National Pride March scheduled for June 11, LA Pride will trade its annual parade for an LGBTQIA and POC Equality RESIST March through Los Angeles and West Hollywood.

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Here’s a Guide to All the Political Pins Celebrities Wore to the Oscars

At this weekend's Oscars, politics ended up being the most popular accessory. If you're wondering what causes your favorite celebrities were repping, here are a few.

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The GOP Is Getting Absolutely Destroyed By Constituents at Town Halls Across the Country

Do your job.

Things are not going well for the Republicans who have to answer to their home state constituents this week.

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Man Kicked Off a Flight for Being Racist Learns “This Is Not Trump’s America!”

I've had it with these m---ing racists on this m---ing plane.

Freedom of speech is alive and well. But so is an airline's right to provide a non-disruptive, safe environment for the majority of their customers.

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In a Coordinated Act of Resistance, Theaters Across the Country Are Planning Screenings of 1984

Welcome to the "United State of Cinema."

This sounds doubleplusempowering.

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How The Handmaid’s Tale Taught Us to Resist

10 Lessons from Margaret Atwood’s Near-Future Dystopia

If The Handmaid’s Tale so successfully anticipated our current predicament, what can the novel teach us about resistance? What can be learned from Offred’s struggle?

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Five Inspirational Musicals (Other Than Hamilton) to Help You Fight the Power

Here are five shows to listen to when the world is getting you down. We’ll go through these in chronological order and, obviously, there are going to be some spoilers.

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Know Before You Go: a Primer for Protests and Demonstrations

Hardly complete, but a start.

Provided you aren't already in the thick of the various #J20 demonstrations going on right this moment, here's a quick primer of useful info you should know before heading out to participate.

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Geekolinks 12/12: All Video Game Trailers, All The Time

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