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The GOP Is Getting Absolutely Destroyed By Constituents at Town Halls Across the Country

Do your job.



Congress is currently in its first recess of the new term, which is when the lawmakers traditionally return to their home districts and hold town hall meetings to answer questions and listen to the concerns of their constituents. Except this year, they’re coming back to a lot more concerns than they’re probably used to.

This week, town halls have been overflowing with angry constituents demanding answers from their elected officials. In general, Republicans are getting torn apart by voters wanting to know what they’re going to do about issues like healthcare.

Like this woman who says if Mitch McConnell can answer any of her questions, she’ll “sit down and shut up like Elizabeth Warren.”

Or this woman, who tells Senator Tom Cotton she’ll die if she loses her insurance covering pre-existing conditions. Watch as he tries to get away without answering and the crowd LOSES IT.

And there was this man in Iowa who basically told Senator Chuck Grassley his “death panel” nonsense was total B.S. and is killing Americans.

There were other issues people brought up, too. Like that whole wanting Trump to release his tax returns thing, which it turns out (sorry, Kellyanne Conwaypeople do care about.

I love this man who’s sick of the hypocrisy and yelled at his representative “You guys wasted a lot of money on Bengazi. Waste a little on Trump!”


7-year-old Toby from Arkansas can’t vote, but he wants to know why his Senator thinks it’s okay for the government to defund things kids like, like national parks and PBS Kids, to build a wall to keep out Mexicans, who Toby also likes!

The White House has maintained an opinion that these are professional protesters with manufactured outrage. And while there was a good amount of organized protest within people’s own home districts (not being bussed in from those coastal liberal elite cities, as Trump loves to claim), for the most part, these look to be average citizens, just showing up to take part in the democratic process laid out in front of them.

A lot of these Congresspeople have no idea how to handle all the protest. Leaving through the back door probably isn’t the best answer.

That’s still better than the ones who refuse to show up at all.

If these elected officials don’t have it in them to do their jobs, well, we’ll still be here come reelections.


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