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Feminism Around the World: BRB, We’re off to Claim Our Days off for Our Periods in Italy

Early last month, four female legislators in Italy proposed a law that would, as reported by Jezebel, "give women who want to stay home [from work] during their periods the opportunity to do so." The proposed law, which is currently in the lower house of the legislature, would give women an optional three days paid leave a month if they have painful, or particularly heavy periods.

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This Olympic Swimmer Mentioned Getting Her Period and Now She’s a Taboo-Smashing Hero [Mediaite]

Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui took the Internet by storm with her expressive reaction to winning a medal.

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Bloody Brilliant: New NYC Legislation Guarantees Free Menstrual Hygiene Products

New York City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland announced a new package of legislation yesterday that guarantees free menstrual hygiene products in NYC public schools, homeless shelters, and correctional facilities.

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Huzzah! Students at 25 New York City Public Schools Given Access to Free Tampons and Pads

Way to go, NYC.

Some good news, for a change: starting yesterday, students at 25 Bronx and Queens middle schools and high schools now have access to free tampons and sanitary pads.

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Period Piece Reminds Us That Menstruation Has Always Been a Thing

Women have been having periods for as long as there have been people, so it's ridiculous that even in 2016 it's still met with embarrassment or hushed tones. Well, one female content creator is hoping to help change all that with her new webseries, Period Piece.

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Experts Say Period Pain Is a Public Health Issue That Can Be “as Bad as a Heart Attack”

A Quartz piece by Olivia Goldhill titled "Period pain can be 'as bad as a heart attack.' So why aren't we researching how to treat it?" brought up the importance of talking about period pain. While periods are often censored and seen as something offensive to be hidden from view, Goldhill emphasizes a need end the squeamishness around the conversation when so many people suffer through it.

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All-Male Panel of Utah Lawmakers Votes to Keep the State’s Tampon Tax

No menstruation without taxation.

Quelle surprise! Yesterday, an all-male committee of Utah lawmakers voted 8-3 against removing the sales tax on tampons and pads. According to Al Jazeera, the taxation forum voted against the bill because "they want to make the tax system predictable, and subjective variations on what is or is not exempt could do just the opposite."

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Jessica Alba EXTREMELY DONE With the Business World’s Frequent Mansplaining

Like a boss.

In this month's issue of Cosmopolitan, cover girl Jessica Alba talks about running her own business, The Honest Company, which she co-founded in 2011.

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Study Shows Using a Period in Text Messages Means You’re Not Sincere, You Meanie.

Just kidding about the meanie part. Mostly. <3

This study from Binghamton University revealed that most people who receive a text with a period placed at the end view said text as less sincere.

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Taxis Reject Ads For Thinx Period-Resistant Underwear: “Could Be Offensive To Riders”

Thinx has been getting a lot of free advertising lately, thanks to all the media coverage about their supposedly controversial advertisements for period-friendly underwear. Vistar Media -- an ad company in charge of taxi video screen advertisements -- has rejected Thinx's underwear ads, claiming they "could be offensive to riders."

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UK Women Protest “Tampon Tax” By Bleeding Outside Parliament

Charlie Edge, a 22-year-old woman, decided to go to Westminister with two friends last Friday and free-bled outside parliament as a form of nonviolent protest.

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New York Subway May Turn Down Ad Campaign for Period Panties (Weight Loss and Breast Enhancement Posters Still Totally Cool)

Thinx, the creators of those panties you can wear during your period if you're done with tampons, pads, and cups, recently proposed an advertising campaign for the New York City subway as part of their mission to break down "the taboo around menstruation."

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Today, Free Tampons at a New York High School; Tomorrow, the World

Being a teen just got mildly less terrible for students at Queens' High School for Arts and Business, where New York City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland cut the metaphorical ribbon Tuesday on a dispenser offering free tampons and maxi pads.

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Vagical New HelloFlo Commercial Is a Mini-Documentary on the History of the Period Fairy

Gender parity in the fairy industry!

Period delivery service HelloFlo is renowned for their charming and honest advertising, but this ad might be my favorite yet.

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“Make Your Voice Heard and Don’t Hold Back”: An Interview with Period App Pioneer and Clue CEO Ida Tin

Ida Tin is the founder of Clue, a period and ovulation tracker that helps users monitor their cycle and better understand their own bodies. In an email interview, Tin took time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about being a woman in tech, taking charge of one's own health, and the benefits of using an app like Clue.

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Instagram Bans Photos of Woman’s Period Stains Because Girls Are Gross and Scary Grr

*Gigantic eye roll.*

Apparently banning photos of female body hair wasn't quite enough for Instagram; continuing to be terrified and perplexed by the realities of the female body, Instagram has now banned several photos of a woman's period-stained sweatpants. How dare you show share photos of the miracle of life instead of your latte art!

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Visionary Cate Blanchett Suggests Women Who’ve Stopped Menstruating Still Like Movies

Thinking outside of the baby box.

Hollywood seems to have a difficult enough time understanding that young women are a real demographic that will pay money in exchange for movie tickets, so Cate Blanchett's knowledge bomb is going to blow their minds: women aren't actually set adrift on ice flows when they stop menstruating and may even still watch movies!

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Watch the Full Video for HelloFlo’s Postpartum: the Musical!

Les Mastitis.

Last week we brought you the trailer for period subscription service HelloFlo's "Postpartum: the Musical," and now we're pleased to present the full video in all its unflinchingly honest glory. Enjoy!

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Period Pioneers HelloFlo Introduce “Postpartum: The Trailer,” A Campaign for New Moms

♫ My ducts are plugged, and my nipples are chapped ♫

We here at The Mary Sue are huge fans of period subscription service HelloFlo, so we're super excited to share this trailer for the company's upcoming campaign for new moms.

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Teenage Coders Who Developed Tampon Run Bring Game to App Store, Create Catcall Run

Our Diva Cup runneth over.

Good news, fans of political and body-positive projectiles: Tampon Run is coming to an Apple App store near you, and it has a sequel!

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