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Huzzah! Students at 25 New York City Public Schools Given Access to Free Tampons and Pads

Way to go, NYC.


Some good news, for a change: starting yesterday, students at 25 Bronx and Queens middle schools and high schools now have access to free tampons and sanitary pads.

The new program follows a similar initiative implemented last year at Queens’ High School for Arts and Business by New York City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland. At the time, Ferreras-Copeland said she was inspired to provide the free sanitary products after learning that students were concerned over whether or not their parents would be able to afford those items. In her words, “just like we’ve been able to demystify [and] take the taboo out of condoms, then we should do the same for tampons.”

The 25-school initiative will cost the Department of Education an estimated $160,000 this year. Although many schools reportedly already offer free sanitary products through the nurse’s office, the hope is that this program will alleviate some of the stigma and embarrassment surrounding periods. Sophomore Ashley Celik told The Daily News, “You feel more confident and don’t feel as nervous. You can just grab it whenever you need it. It’s there for you.”

Ferreras-Copeland is working to pass legislation through the City Council that would provide free sanitary products in all New York City high schools.

(via Gothamist, image via Shutterstock)

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