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Things We Saw Today: French President Emmanuel Macron Admits That Trump Handshake Was Purposefully Aggressive

Donald Trump is known for his weird, ego-boosting, overly-aggressive handshakes but he may have met his match with French President Emmanuel Macron.

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Here’s How You Can Help The City of Paris From Where You Are

There's still a lot we don't know about the attacks that occurred in the city of Paris, France—claiming the lives of over a hundred people and wounding many others. For those of us watching from a distance and wishing there was something we could do, there are ways to help by contributing to relief efforts.

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French Journalist Gropes Cosplayer on Live Television


Grab your barf bags for this one, folks. A French journalist covering Comic Con's event in France groped a cosplayer on live television.

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Romantic Tourists Broke a Famous Bridge in Paris This Weekend

And no, not in the way that you're thinking.

Love can move mountains, but it's not great for infrastructure: a world-famous bridge in Paris was evacuated this weekend after it partially collapsed under the weight of romantic tokens, so don't sweat your solitude! At least loneliness can't destroy landmarks (I think).

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Things We Saw Today: Octopus Chandelier With Light-Up Arms

Things We Saw Today

  Check out this amazingly detailed octopus chandelier which includes detachable, light-up tentacles. The original from Mason's Creations has already sold but if you've got $18,000 to spare you can order one for yourself.  Or for The Mary Sue offices.

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Pinhole Camera Turns Empty Apartments Into Surreal, Upside-down Cityscapes [Video]

I could watch this all day.

Today in really awesome things, photographers Romain Alary and Antoine Levi create amazing works of visual art by setting up a camera obscura to pick up outdoor scenes and project them upside-down in empty indoor spaces. This video depicts a Parisian apartment, and it's basically the prettiest thing to come out of France since Marion Cotillard started an international career.

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What Could $1.6 Million In Stolen Apple Products Look Like?

Whatever hangovers, hookups, or regrettable strikeouts your New Year's Eve may have had in store, we're prepared to say your evening was probably still better than that of Apple Store employees in Paris, who not only had to work the holiday, but spent it being held up by a team of armed robbers. Just one employee was slightly hurt, thankfully, but the robbers escaped in a van brimming over with Apple gadgets before police arrived on the scene. The company isn't sharing the particulars of just what goods were nicked in this Grand Theft Apple, but they have put the price tag for the whole theft at about 1 millions euros, or close to $1.6 million. What goods could a theft that big from an Apple store have potentially netted the thieves responsible? We do the math below.

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Off With Their Heads! The Olympics Had Croquet Once, But Never Again

The one and only croquet competition ever held in the Olympic Games took place during the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. Apparently, only one man came to watch the games, so maybe they iced it because no one was paying to see it.

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Google Earth Displayed on 48 Screens

Back in 2009, Google blew some minds by showing off Liquid Galaxy and displaying Google Earth on an impressive 8-screen conglomeration. Of course, now it's 2011, so what does that mean? It means a 48-screen display. Yeah. As if that weren't enough, they're going to be taking the tech open source, so all you crazy 64-screen-owning lunatics can try your hand at one-upping the record, if you're into that sort of thing.

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Paris Town Hall Optical Illusion

Created by François Abelanet, the anamorphosis work of art is installed outside the Paris town hall. Head on past the break to see the installation from another angle, where the illusion is broken.

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3-Year Time Lapse of a Tower Being Taken Down and Put Back Up

Awesome 3-year-long time-lapse constructed of 45,000 individual photos, detailing Paris' EDF tower being torn down and the Sequana Tower being put up in the same place. (Laughing Squid via UFUNK)

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French Thieves Use Vacuums to Suck Thousands from Safes

At first I was skeptical about this seemingly unbelievable story because I heard about it in The Sun, but it's being widely reported upon by the French media: A group of thieves known as the "gang à l'aspirateur," or "vacuum gang," have figured out a devious way to rob French supermarkets -- specifically, Monoprix supermarkets -- using just a drill and a powerful vacuum cleaner. On Monday, they robbed one Monoprix near Paris to the tune of 70,000 Euros, bringing their total number of robberies up to fifteen since 2006. 

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Paris’ Hot New Electro DJ is a 68-Year-Old Grandma

Ruth Flowers, a 68-year-old grandmother, has developed a following in the Paris nightclub scene for her electro DJing skills, Reuters reports. Flowers first got into it all when she went to a disco after her grandson's birthday party; from then, she was hooked, picking up training from French producer Aurelien Simon along the way and growing into a legitimate, respected force along the way. Her first single is scheduled for release in the spring.

Even though some have said it all seems like a joke -- and yes, part of the act's appeal comes from its novelty -- the proof is in the pudding. We think she's actually really good. Video after the jump:

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