Ri-an and Jae-i's breakup from Hierarchy K-drama

Kang Ha’s Revenge Has Just Begun at the End of ‘Hierarchy’

Despite the attempts to make the villains of Hierarchy sympathetic, there’s no forgiving what they’ve done to an innocent, fellow high schooler. These privileged students bullied Kang In-han to death, and they almost got away with it.

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Kang Ha got justice for his older brother. You might not like the method, but Kang Ha was left with no alternative. He had to face off against conglomerate heirs, assemblymen’s children, and other privileged high schoolers. When Ri-an tried to apologize to Kang Ha for contributing to the death of his older brother, Kang Ha only had these iconic lines to say.

“You’re sorry? Okay, just take that guilt and learn to live with it.”

Justice becomes revenge

Jooshin High School was completely shaken up. Ri-an and Jae-i’s relationship had been the talk of the tabloids, Woo-jin’s affair with Ji-su has been exposed, and Ji-su was imprisoned for causing In-Han’s death. Several relationships were broken in the process, all for the better.

But if you’ve stayed until the credits, you’ll know that there’s an extra scene. Yoon He-Ra walked into an empty classroom and found a dead student who was soaked in blood. Ri-an and the rest of the students followed in horror, except for Kang Ha, who went in the opposite direction.

He taunted Ri-an through a message, telling Ri-an that he looked “shaken up.” Because obviously, anyone who sees a dead classmate would be afraid.

This has many implications, all of which can be confirmed by a second season. Until then, we can theorize on some things. Like Ji-su said, things can’t be over just like this. Additionally, Jae-i told her close circle at Jooshin High School that she would return. If a second season were to happen, Netflix already has a setup.

Sequels aside, Kang Ha looked suspicious this time. He clearly did not forgive the students who caused the death of his older brother. It also doesn’t help that Kang Ha taunted Ri-an through a cryptic text message while walking away nonchalantly. There is a possibility that Kang Ha was involved in this crime, but the motive behind it is still a mystery.

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