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Amazon Announces “Jet City Comics”, Own Comics Imprint

and let it be known announced today that it will be starting it's own comics imprint: Jet City Comics. The first titles the line will be sporting are adaptations of such big name authors like George R.R. Martin, Neal Stephenson, and Hugh Howey. Go under the cut for comic book covers, commentary, and titles.

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Reamde to Get Television Adaptation, Presumably With Kickass Female Characters Included

Cautiously Optimistic

Fair warning here: I spend a lot of this post casually dropping bits of details about the plot of Reamde. I say this not just because of spoilers, but because you aren't going to believe that all of these things could possibly happen in the same novel. Well, believe me. They do. According to Deadline Chris and Paul Weitz are all ready to write and produce Neal Stephenson's Reamde as a television show for Fox, and you should care because of the novel's triad of major female characters.

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Snow Crash Film Adaptation Gets Attack the Block’s Joe Cornish as Director

Fans of author Neal Stephenson should prick up their ears: Joe Cornish has apparently been tapped to direct a forthcoming film adaptation of Stephenson's classic novel Snow Crash. If you love cyberpunk set in a viciously consumer-driven vision of America, then you'll love this.

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Neal Stephenson Wants You to Fund His Swordfighting Game

Neal Stephenson, perhaps best known for his novels Cryptonomicon and Snow Crash, is now seeking pledges on Kickstarter for a real steel video game called CLANG. Coming from Subutai Corporation, the game aims to provide a realistic representation of steel-to-steel swordsmanship on a level previously shrouded in abstraction. Say farewell to your days of wild flailing.

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The 10 Best (Worst?) Fictional Diseases

Power Grid

In honor of World Health Day (April 7), we at The Mary Sue thought we'd present a few of the geek world diseases that you are most definitely never going to contract. The following ailments are gnarly, unfortunate, and sometimes not even of this Earth. But as we enter allergy season and try to explain away our sinus infections, at least we can assure ourselves that we have no chance of catching something like Spattergroit.

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Neal Stephenson’s Next Novel is About Gold Farming

Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

Neal Stephenson sure has a thing for gold, doesn't he? Cryptonomicon was (partially) about a white guy from the midwest with a tech-startup trying to get gold out of Japan.  The Baroque Cycle was (partially) about a white guy whose family would eventually be from the midwest with a ship named after the godess of technology trying to get gold to England. It would appear that REAMDE is about a white guy from the midwest with a tech-startup built on money laundered through virtual gold transactions with Chinese gold farmers. Of course we're going to read it.

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The Loudest Thing You’ll Read All Day: Railgun Breaks Speed Record

Seriously, just sit back and bask in the huge, loud, awesome that is this sentence: "A gun the size of a bus has set a new world record, and fired its payload so fast it broke the speed of sound seven times over."

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Neal Stephenson Launches Own Futuristic Startup: Uncrackable Internet Currency Far Behind?

It's hard to say what, if any, effect Neal Stephenson's new start up will have on the future of communication, nanotechnology, or Nazi war gold, seeing as how it doesn't really have anything to do with those things and its first project is more about the future of publishing and copyright. From The New York Times:
The company [called Subutai], based in Seattle and San Francisco, has developed what it calls the PULP platform for creating digital novels. The core of the experience is still a text novel, but authors can add additional material like background articles, images, music, and video. There are also social features that allow readers to create their own profiles, earn badges for activity on the site or in the application, and interact with other readers.
Their aforementioned first project launches today, a serialized novel called The Mongoliad, co-written by Stephenson, Greg Bear, and other people.

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A Pocket Guide to Fictional Social Networks

Yesterday, we wrote about an entire social network dedicated to fictional personas, which made us think: what are some social networks that, while aimed at real human beings, are themselves totally made up to fill a void in pop culture? Join us below for a Campbellian hero's journey into the world of what TV writers, popular authors, and late-night comics think about when they think about social networking!

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