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Amazon Announces “Jet City Comics”, Own Comics Imprint

and let it be known announced today that it will be starting it’s own comics imprint: Jet City Comics. The first titles the line will be sporting are adaptations of such big name authors like George R.R. Martin, Neal Stephenson, and Hugh Howey.

Go under the cut for comic book covers, commentary, and titles.

There’s something to be said for Amazon’s place in the publishing world. One writer at Comicsbeat articulated the looming question this new line brings:

Amazon has become the 8000-lb gorilla in the publishing world, calling the shots on pricing and distribution to an increasingly rebellious book world. Will they similarly dominate the comics landscape?

It’s certainly worth thinking about. With the overwhelming power of Kindle among the e-book market, Amazon is already a juggernaut that has been exercising its will by setting standards for pricing and publishing with incredible force. If they are stepping into the comicbook ring, then they’ll be making some waves.

As for Martin, he seems excited about the new line and his part in starting it:

My fans have been clamoring for the return of Dunk & Egg ever since the graphic novels of ‘The Hedge Knight’ and ‘The Sworn Sword’ went out of print several years ago, so I am delighted to announce that Jet City Comics is bringing them back—newly formatted for digital readers, and in paper for those who still prefer the traditional formats. And Jet City will be bringing you something new as well: the graphic novel ‘Meathouse Man,’ adapted from one of my strangest, darkest, and most twisted short stories by the amazingly talented Raya Golden. I’m pleased and excited to be a part of Jet City’s takeoff. May they fly high.

One of the other preliminary works to come out of the line is Hugh Howey’s Wool. Both covers make the comics look promising.

The “Jet City Comics” announcement didn’t come out of nowhere: Amazon has been expressing interest in the nerdoverse for some time now. With Kindle Worlds edging in on making fanfiction a market, and their 47North Sci-Fi imprint going strong, Amazon is carving out a niche for itself as a provider of geektastic stories. Where that path will lead? Only time will tell.

(via Huffington Post and Comicsbeat)

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