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Interview: Carrie McCrossen On Using Sketch Comedy to Address Unrealistic TV Moms (From MILF to Soccer)

Carrie McCrossen, inspired by media portrayals of motherhood (and fears of real-life motherhood), put together a sketch show titled "M.I.L.P. (Moms I'd Like to Portray)" where she acts and sings through a generous amount of mom tropes—with some voicemails from her own mom sprinkled in.

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Microsoft Follows Netflix’s Lead, Revamps Their Maternity Leave Policy

Hot on the heels of Netflix changing their maternity leave policy, Microsoft has now updated their maternity and family leave policy, allowing new parents to take more time off to tend to their children.

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Zoe Saldana Says Hollywood Had an Issue with Her Getting Pregnant, Thinks They Should Pay for Childcare

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mess with Zoe Saldana.

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Jurassic World’s Mother of a Problem

The once-progressive franchise takes a big step back.

Remember a few weeks ago, when there was much debate as to whether or not Jurassic World was sexist? And if releasing a certain clip had simply been a miscalculation on the studio? Was that scene nothing more than screwball banter that was misconstrued outside of the larger context of the film? Well, the movie’s out and, unfortunately, it seems the scene isn’t what we were promised by the film’s director - and the movie does feel sexist. A lot more sexist than I expected.

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Period Pioneers HelloFlo Introduce “Postpartum: The Trailer,” A Campaign for New Moms

♫ My ducts are plugged, and my nipples are chapped ♫

We here at The Mary Sue are huge fans of period subscription service HelloFlo, so we're super excited to share this trailer for the company's upcoming campaign for new moms.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Period Pioneer & HelloFlo Founder Naama Bloom on All Things Vagina

A series of Fallopian tubes!

The best introduction for Naama Bloom's one-of-a-kind period subscription service HelloFlo (like Birchbox, but for your hoo-ha!) might be Camp Gyno, the company's viral ad from 2013 featuring the world's youngest gynecologist.

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A Mom Explains Inception Like Only a Mom Can to Our Infinite Amusement

I, too, thought Matt Damon was great in this movie.

Movies retold by mom may be the single most relatable concept on YouTube. Poor Leo. Hey, he was great in those Bourne movies!

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I Love My Mom But I Hate The “World’s Toughest Job” Viral Video

If I didn't love my Mom then would I have this bicep tattoo? No!

By now many of us have probably seen the viral video for "The World's Toughest Job." I was afraid my frustration with the ad stemmed from being a soulless millennial, but thankfully I'm not the leader of the #World'sToughestJob backlash--plenty of others are upset and offended by American Greetings' and cardstore's shameless ad.

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Matt Smith Does the Dishes; Pleases Mothers Everywhere

What enterprising person took a picture of Matt Smith while he was doing the dishes, you ask? Why, none other than his own mother. Did you know that Matt Smith's mother Lynne Smith is on Twitter? Well now you do. I bet a lot of moms would be moved to tweet adoration for a son who cooked Sunday dinner and then cleaned up after it as well, but not many would be retweeted more than two thousand times. Previously in Matt Smith

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Susana And Becky Talk Dads And Daughters In Video Games, Part 2

Allow Us To Explain

This conversation utterly, completely, unforgivingly spoils The Walking Dead, BioShock Infinite, and The Last of Us. Endings included. And we spoil Shelter in this one, too. You have been warned. Welcome to part two of our conversation (if you're just joining us, you can find part one here). In this half, we discuss families, societal context, and how changes to the characters' genders might have affected their reception. Let us return to two apartments, an ocean apart, in which their respective inhabitants are talking themselves hoarse...

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Mom Tries To Explain The Matrix, Goes On Some Surprising Tangents

we loled

After watching this video of a mom trying to explain The Matrix, I'm convinced I must make my mom do the same. She's well-known for getting character names wrong when trying to describe a piece of media to me and I'm certain she'd be a YouTube hit. But I digress, Joe Nicolosi got there before me and his mom is a riot. (via HyperVocal) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Get Pregnant, Immediately Purchase Smartphone Says New Study

A Series of Fallopian Tubes

Lots of people are gaga over smartphones these days, just look at the pre-orders for iPhones. But did you know, becoming a mother means you'll start wanting one if you didn't already? So says a new study by BabyCenter. In other news, your baby will likely drool on your smartphone. 

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Do More Educated Women Lead to Fewer Children? Or Is it the Other Way Around?

Educated Guess

Here's a "chicken or egg" question: Women who haven't pursued higher education are shown to have more children starting at a younger age, while women who do have less starting at an older age. But is choosing higher education linked with choosing to have less children (a la Idiocracy, sort of) -- or are women who have children while young unable to complete their education? A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is saying that having children early prevents women around the world from going back to school, that it's not necessarily a case of women deciding against college in favor of starting families. 

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Grandmother Insists: “No More Questions!” [Video]

Meddling Kids

Kay Chang was forced by her son and granddaughter to participate in StoryCorps, which involves sitting in a sound booth and telling stories about your life. Kay wasn't having it. But she did it anyway, and left her family (and all of us) with the gift of her story. (StoryCorps)

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This Baby Will Turn Out Awesome Either Way

Meddling Kids

Lara Ryan thinks Jemima is a rediculous name, and suggests another for their kid. I'm partial towards "Ripley" myself. (via Offbeat Mama's montage of a bunch of babies who are sure to join the Geek Side as they get older.)

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What’s New About the Oscars This Year? Moms.

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

The Hollywood Reporter's report on the inevitable "improvements" to the Oscar ceremonies is mostly pretty mundane.  Except where it's delightfully intriguing. For example, it's going to take place in virtual reality.
The producers abandoned the idea of a traditional set altogether to enter a world of virtual reality via a series of "projections" designed to give the show a constantly-changing look. The virtual end goal is for Franco and Hathaway to take viewers on a trip through Hollywood history with six or seven scenic transitions.
Sounds familiar, but I'm guessing they'll strive not to put anyone in the hospital.  Here's hoping they go full George Lucas on the whole thing, and James Franco is actually replace by a charmingly uncomfortable third world stereotype. But right.  Moms.

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