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This TikTok Trend Is a Fascinating Commentary on Aging

Queens, every one of them!

It’s hard to feel attractive when you’re a mom.

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I’ve got two kids, and let me tell you, your body does not recover. Whether it’s from the physical changes of childbirth or the prolonged stress and exhaustion of chasing a bunch of wild little people around for years on end, the changes in your appearance are profound. Add to those changes some good ol’ fashioned aging and society’s outrageous beauty standards for women, and it’s not surprising that a lot of moms are sensitive about their appearance.

Luckily, our daughters are here to remind us that we’re beautiful!

There’s a new trend on TikTok in which young women have their mothers dress up in their (the daughters’) clothes and do a mini fashion show. In the videos, the moms walk around for a few seconds in their normal clothing, disappear around a corner, and then reappear wearing one of their daughters’ outfits. The results are astonishing.

turning my mom into me.. go mom gooo?????❤️‍?

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Now, it’s important to note that all these women are beautiful no matter what they’re wearing! But what’s amazing about the videos is how much younger each woman looks when she starts dressing like someone half her age. Nothing changes about their faces or bodies. It doesn’t look like they’re changing much of their hair or makeup. Rather, the clothing they wear influences our perception of their age. When someone wears clothes we associate with older people, they look older. When they wear clothes we associate with younger people, they look younger. You don’t have to spend hours at the beauty salon to be a MILF. (If you want to be a MILF, that is. I support whatever lifestyle you choose!)

Isn’t that liberating? You don’t have to “dress your age,” because the way you look will adjust itself to what you’re wearing! If, like me, you’ve been fretting about your appearance ever since your children sucked out the last of your youthful vitality, don’t take it to mean you have to throw out all your favorite clothes! I, for one, plan to keep rocking my Vans and sparkly eyeliner till the day I keel over. I may be a withered gray husk when I finally go, but at least I’ll be a hot, confident withered gray husk.

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