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Michael B. Jordan Talks Fantastic Four, Would Play Johnny Storm Again

Michael B. Jordan deserves so much for than another Fantastic Four movie--or at least, another Fantastic Four movie of the caliber we've come to expect from Fantastic Four movies. Still, the Creed star had nothing but tactful and gracious things to say when IGN asked him about Josh Trank's critically panned take on t

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Jupiter Ascending, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Fantastic Four Earn Razzie Nominations

One of those things is infinitely superior to the others.

I will defend Jupiter Ascending till my dying breath, but yeah, the rest of the nominees for the 2016 Razzie Awards certainly seem deserving of some razzing.

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The Thing’s Big Moment May Have Been Cut From Fantastic Four For Extremely Silly Reasons

Following Fantastic Four's release, Entertainment Weekly has cobbled together a description of a clobberin' scene that was cut from the movie.

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I Liked Fantastic Four…and Not Because Johnny Storm Is Black

On social media, every time I try to defend why I like Fantastic Four, somehow I am reduced to favor it simply because Michael B Jordan is Johnny Storm and that somehow a Black superhero is why I blindly believe this film was enjoyable to watch.

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Josh Trank Tweet Might’ve Cost $10 Mil, Fox Won’t Give Up on Fantastic Four

"We remain committed to these characters."

Director Josh Trank took to Twitter to blame the studio's meddling for the film's reception (now deleted but, you know, the internet), but he might have had a hand in his own film's low numbers.

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Director Josh Trank Implicates Studio Meddling in Fantastic Four Failure

Josh Trank wants the world to know that Fantastic Four being a boring, failed attempt to breathe new life into the franchise wasn't his fault. Well, he wanted the world to know. Then he deleted his tweet about it, because he probably would like to keep that career he was trying to save by tweeting in the first place.

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Review: Fantastic Four Is a Frustrating, Forgettable Flick

1 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Fantastic Four, the reboot of the superhero team we last saw in the 2005 two-picture franchise, is arguably a better executed movie than those two. But if were being forced to choose, I’d rather rewatch the previous films than the new movie again.

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Josh Trank Says He Left His Star Wars Spinoff Because Big Franchise Fan Expectations Are Exhausting

What does he mean by that? BURN HIM IN EFFIGY.

Josh Trank, who's just coming off of directing the Fantastic Four reboot that has caused some rather awful fan arguments, somehow thought he could just leave his upcoming Star Wars Anthology project and not say anything about it, and everyone would just be cool. Of course, the Internet jumped right in to fill in the blanks with less-than-flattering assertions, so Trank has finally set the record straight about why he left every fan's dream project.

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Yup, The Second Star Wars Anthology Film Will Be a Boba Fett Origin Story

We assume the words "dark" and "gritty" aren't far behind.

Shortly after Josh Trank's abrupt exit from the second Star Wars Anthology film for... reasons still in contention, it's been reported that the project he left will indeed be the Boba Fett origin story the rumor mill hasn't shut up about since the standalone movies were announced.

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Leaving Star Wars: Josh Trank No Longer Directing Star Wars Anthology Sequel

May the force (or is it the four?) be with you.

After about a year of working with Disney and Lucasarts, Josh Trank, who was set to direct a Star Wars Anthology sequel, has decided to leave the director's chair to pursue other projects.

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Things We Saw Today: Penny Dreadful Clue Is a Real Thing That Exists, Is Ideal

Perfect franchise team-up is perfect.

A mere $39.99 from Entertainment Earth, pre-order now for July. This means Tim Curry is going to appear on Penny Dreadful, yes?

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Things We Saw Today: 3-D Armor Dresses and Underwear for Your Everyday Battles

You never know when you'll need to defend Conté.

Etsy shop Mitmunk crafts eye-popping polyester-spandex dresses and underwear that use shading to create a 3-D armor effect. Now all I need is my lance!

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These Sure Are Some Fantastic Four Images

August is drawing ever nigh, but so far none of Fantastic Four's promotional images have really excited me. How about you guys?

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New Fantastic Four Stills Show Us Four, Not So Much Fantastic

I guess Clobberin' Time comes later?

Pretty much all of us want Josh Trank and Simon Konberg's Fantastic Four reboot to do well (except for the people who think Marvel can snap those characters back up like they did with Spider-Man if the movie fails, of course). But you've got to admit that Fox really doesn't know how to promote this film, as evidenced from these lackluster pictures from this month's Empire Magazine. Like, jeez, Arrested Development got me more excited for the Fantastic Four than this does.

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Here’s Our First Trailer for Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four

Flame on!

Hmm, the "Nolan-izing" of the Fantastic Four. Are we into it or not? I just watched a bunch of The Venture Bros. last night, so all I can think of is their twisted version of the FF.

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The Official Synopsis For Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four Reboot Has Arrived, Cue The Speculation

It's now Fantastic Fore. They're just a bunch of golfers.

There's now a brand-new, shiny, officially-official synopsis for Fox's Fantastic Four reboot!

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Fantastic Four Star: Casting Michael B Jordan As Johnny Storm Took a Lot of “Convincing” From Director

There's no talking raccoon in this. We've got to play it safe.

According to Miles Teller, a vocal subset of fans weren't the only ones who doubted Trank's casting choices.

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The Shadow of the Colossus Movie (Yes, Still Happening) Has A New Director


Shadow of the Colossus was a watershed moment in video games. It's one of those games that belongs in a museum, or in a course about the history of games as art. Yes, it has flaws, but at the time, Colossus hugely pushed the boundaries of what a game could be. "Influential" doesn't begin to cover it.

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Here’s What The Thing Is Going To Look Like In The New Fantastic Four Film

Is this an exciting thing? Is this movie really happening?

Director Josh Trank tweeted this image of what The Thing is going to look like in 2015's Fantastic Four reboot. When he's not all Hulk'd out, Ben Grimm is played by Jamie Bell (you know, Billy Elliot). At least it's less orange than the Michael Chiklis version!

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Fantastic Four Reboot May Use Director Josh Trank’s Found Footage Style From Chronicle

Fantastic Footage? Foundtastic Four?

There's no doubt that Josh Trank was brought on board the new Fantastic Four because his debut film project was a pretty successful take on young people coming to terms with superpowers. For better or worse, that sounds like exactly the direction the new movie is going in. Just how much will Chronicle's signature found footage style bleed over into the new movie, though? From these comments, it sounds like more than we expected.

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