Director Josh Trank Implicates Studio Meddling in Fantastic Four Failure


Josh Trank wants the world to know that Fantastic Four being a boring, failed attempt to breathe new life into the franchise wasn’t his fault. Well, he wanted the world to know. Then he deleted his tweet about it, because he probably would like to keep that career he was trying to save by tweeting in the first place.

But the Internet does not forget. So of course, you can still see a screenshot of Trank’s deleted tweet, which read,

A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would’ve received great reviews. You’ll probably never see it. That’s reality though.

That lines up pretty well with Trank’s explanation that he backed out of his planned Star Wars spinoff because he was weary of big franchise expectations. It also lines up with talk that he wasn’t getting along with the studio and that reshoots swooped in to change things, though it’s hard to know from the outside who was really being the difficult one in that situation.

Either way, the movie came out poorly, but with the studio likely having the last say and tampering with Trank’s vision, they probably did make a mess of things whether or not his original was as great as he thinks. Maybe in some alternate dimension, Trank’s version made it to movie screens, and everyone was blown away. Sadly, we will never Reed Richards our way there to find out.

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