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A New Meme Is Reigning Supreme on Twitter

A meme is a meme is a meme and we thank the gods.

Amy Poehler stars as Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation

Good memes come to those who wait and this one is definitely a fun happenstance. The internet found someone complaining about the fact that we are always using our cellphones and showed a picture of people enjoying their time without technology and…okay? Great? We can also connect while being on our phones. In fact, we’re more connected with one another now than ever before.

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So, of course, Twitter began to mock it. Posting pictures of people ‘enjoying their time’ without cell phones and the rest is history.

We know that this dinner will go down in history as one of the most dramatic moments on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but also…there wasn’t a cell phone in sight.

Just two girls, enjoying their fight with a shovel.

There is an entire thread of this meme that includes gifs from The Office.

Because truly, if this meme was meant for anything, it was for The Office.

And maybe we just miss The Office.

But the point is that this meme is absolutely hilarious simply because the argument that people can only enjoy life without their phones is idiotic. So why not mock it with pictures from The Human Centipede?

Why would Rey and Finn need cellphones to entertain them when a space alien was attacking the Millenium Falcon?

Aunt Zelda just needs a shovel, her sister, and some pent up anger to have a good time.

Everything is fun when you’re dancing!

My own personal favorite is that when Leslie Knope and her campaign team decided to leave their phones behind and go out on the ice rink, just to enjoy themselves.

At the end of the day, it is pointless to go on and on about cell phones. We get it. We’re a society run by technology and there are times when we should take a break from it. Then again, you’re probably taking a break while reading this article and are reading it on a device.

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