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Please Just Take My Money and Give Me All of This Loki-Themed Ladies Wear

In 'Thor: Ragnarok,' Thor's cunning adopted brother Loki plays a big part in the story, much to fans' delight. Long a crowd favorite even when he was the villain in 'The Avengers,' Loki's mercurial loyalties shape him into a character who is always compelling, and a fine foil for the upright Thor. Her Universe has a new line of Loki-inspired clothes that are absolutely gorgeous, and I really am going to need someone to take my credit card away from me.

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Things We Saw Today: A Creepy Ice Cream Commercial to Give You Nightmares

Ice cream brand Halo Top has released one of the creepiest commercials I've ever seen.

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Wonder Woman Fashion Has Arrived Just in Time for the Movie

My dear daughters (and sons! and everyone!) of Themyscira, if you were, well, wondering what you should wear to the theater to see Wonder Woman, a line of clothing designed by Her Universe is here to offer some options. There's a lot to look at, and an encouraging range of sizes.

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Maybe You Won’t Hate These Star Wars Hot Topic Dresses as Much as I Do

I'm old.

I feel a little bad for griping about Hot Topic's Darth Vader and Rey-inspired dressy dress ensembles. There's not nearly enough merch, especially connected to blockbuster properties, that is marketed with women in mind. And I know I'm about 20 years past Hot Topic's target demographic. But I'm pretty sure 13-year-old me would have had the same reaction: whyyy.

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Things We Saw Today: Stranger Things Finally Gets the Funko Treatment

The Stranger Things Funko set includes all the main characters, with a few different versions of Eleven, the Demogorgon, and Will. They're available for pre-order now and will hit shelves early next year.

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For Halloween or Stylish Superheroism, Hot Topic’s Got a Fall Line of DC-Inspired Jackets

Fall is here, and it's finally getting chilly out, which means you need to make sure you stay warm while performing acts of super-heroism on crisp autumn evenings.

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Hot Topic’s Cartoon Network Fashion Line Lets You to Dress Like Rose Quartz & Marceline

Hot Topic's latest partnership with Cartoon Network means a new line of late summer and early fall styles inspired by Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and The Powerpuff Girls reboot.

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Things We Saw Today: John Boyega Beatboxes, Dropping Some Serious Heat

You know, to cap off your week.

Here's John Boyega laying down a sick beat. You know, just because.

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Hot Topic & Her Universe Team Up For a Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fashion Collection

Her Universe and Hot Topic collaborated on a new fashion collection inspired by the heroes and villains of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It's on sale today!

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Hot Topic’s New DC Comics Bombshells Line Is Limited-Edition Cosplay

If you wanted to cosplay as the DC Comics Bombshells version of Batwoman, Wonder Woman, or Harley Quinn, but you don't know how to sew, you'd better check out to this limited-edition fashion line at Hot Topic.

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April Fools’ Day Fashion: Hot Topic Does Golden Girls, Mark Zuckerberg Does H&M, and More

Time for some heartbreaking disappointment, courtesy of April Fools' Day: Hot Topic is not actually releasing an entire line of clothing inspired by The Golden Girls.

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Hot Topic Reveals Its Pride and Prejudice and Zombies-Inspired Collection

The beautiful thing about this clothing line is its modern take on the Regency-era fashions--though the collection (which consists of seven pieces) mostly consists of lingerie and other undergarments. Still, you can always buy some of these to wear underneath your everyday outfits and pretend you're a secret zombie killer like Elizabeth Bennet IRL.

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Hot Topic’s New Doctor Who Collection Will Regenerate Your Wardrobe

Interested in some Doctor Who-inspired threads to wear as you watch the Christmas special this year? Well, Hot Topic has got you covered with this awesome collection of clothes inspired by the TARDIS, regeneration, and several Doctors! Check out the video and images of the pieces in the collection after the jump!

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American Horror Story and Hot Topic’s Absolutely Killer New Fashion Line

This new fashion line from Hot Topic and American Horror Story looks pretty killer.

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Wear Your Love For Spirited Away With New Her Universe Designs

Her Universe at Hot Topic has announced they're adding Spirited Away designs to their Studio Ghibli collection, with also includes My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service. The new tops feature No-Face, Haku, and Chihiro.

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Her Universe Releases Sneak Peek of SDCC Fashion Show Designs, and Holy Cats Would You Look at That Black Widow Dress

Geek on fleek. On gleek?

Earlier this year Her Universe announced it would be returning to San Diego Comic-Con for another fashion show following their triumphant debut in 2014, and now we finally have a look at some of the geek couture Ashley Eckstein will be showing off come July.

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Doctor Who Funko! Pops and Exclusives Now Available at Hot Topic

Hot Topicy Wopicy?

And Hot Topic's geek takeover marches onward.

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Hot Topic Is Acquiring ThinkGeek, Shall Become More Powerful than You Could Possibly Imagine

More nerd shit for all!

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Giveaway: The Gothically Delightful Penny Dreadful Clothing And Book

Penny Dreadful season two is coming your way on Sunday, so celebrate by entering our gothic giveaway!

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Holy Victoriana, Hot Topic Is Releasing A Penny Dreadful Clothing Line!


I've already ordered the scorpion-collar dress. Get on my level.

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